Eloise Wallet by Swoon

Today we are sharing a pattern for an accessory most of us use on a daily basis - a wallet.  Our Affiliate,  Swoon, has some bags that I am just absolutely infatuated with, and when they released this wallet pattern early in the year, I may have just squeeled with delight - of course, bags are not actually my forte, so if anyone feels like making me one... anyone...no, ok - I'll find the time eventually! 

The Eloise Wallet is a wallet, but so much more.  With a traditional tri-fold wallet and a zippered pouch wallet you are getting a huge bang for your buck.  Combine them together and you can carry all your shopping needs for a day out on the town.  Make just the tri-fold, and you have a sleek wallet to throw in another bag that will keep all your credit cards and cash perfectly organized.  Or, make just the zippered pouch and you still have card slots, cash slots, an inner zippered section for your phone/change/or makeup - all zipped up into one unit that isn't going to spill all over your already cluttered diaper bag.... oh wait, that may just be me.

This pattern includes 6 pages of printed pattern pieces in B&W along with detailed cutting instructions for the additional 5 rectangular pieces.  There are clear fabric guides, cutting diagrams, and instructions for using interfacing.  Swoon patterns have clear diagrams with detailed written instructions to guide you through the creation of your own wallet.

Here is Stephanie of Sew Van-Tastic to share her version and experience sewing the Eloise Wallet...


Stephanie here from Sew Van-Tastic. I recently had to opportunity to sew up the Eloise Wallet from Swoon Patterns. I rarely take the time to "Self-Care Sew" for myself. Most of what I sew is either for clients, or my very sweet little girl. I had this little square of fabric I had been hoarding for a very long time for a special project. This wallet is perfect for showcasing the print, and I know it's something I am going to get a lot of enjoyment from because I like to spend a lot of money use my wallet every day.

Taking on a zippered wallet was probably a bit ambitious for my first zipper (ever!), but the instructions were very clear and detailed, and now I can't wait to put zippers in everything!

I couldn't believe all the credit card slots the Eloise Wallet has. EIGHTEEN! The outside trifold compartment has room for 10 cards and a bill compartment. I placed everything I reach for frequently in this pocket, including my business cards (for when people ask me where I got my awesome new wallet!). 

I used the accent stripe on the outside of the trifold as an opportunity to showcase some very cute and hard to find out of print fabric I had been hoarding for a long time. The instructions didn't include adding the lace accent, but it was really to easy to do by just placing it under the accent stripe before I topstitched it down.

Even the inside of the wallet is an over-achiever. It boasts eight additional credit card slots, a zippered pouch compartment, two bill compartments AND some extra space. I was able to place everything in there from my old wallet, plus my phone, and I probably even still had room for a couple of tampons. If you're a light traveler, you really could add a little strap handle to this and use it as a clutch. The pattern also offers a lot of flexibility. You could make this with just the zippered compartment or just the trifold compartment, depending on your needs. 

As if all the above-mentioned features of this wallet weren't enough, it also has a secret compartment. This will be the perfect little nook to hide extra money from my husband. Or you know, a place to put it so I don't lose it, and then forget where I put it. 

Overall, I have to say I really enjoyed challenging myself sewing up this wallet. It was the first thing of it's kind I've ever tackled. I love it so much, even with the small imperfections since it was my first try. I would probably recommend this pattern for an intermediate seamstress, there are a few steps where you are assumed to know basic techniques and a few steps where you have to be somewhat experienced to achieve a desired effect - such as the zipper and sewing and top stitching through many layers and in tight quarters.. 

I'm really going to make a vow to spend more time "self-care sewing" for myself. Up next... a great bag from Swoon to go with my snazzy new wallet!