Aspen Pants by Greenstyle Creations

Today's stop on our self care journey is the Aspen Pants by Greenstyle Creations.  These pants are perfect for a comfy day on the couch, but can also be dressed up for work or a night out on the town depending on the fabric you choose.

Katie is sharing a casual style with you today, and here are a pair that another reviewer of ours, Sarah, sewed up in stretch denim.... I love how vastly different this pattern can look just based on fabric choice.

And if you are at all scared of sewing yourself a pair of pants - this is the perfect pair to use to gain some confidence.  No zippers, and a flexible fit if you use a knit or stretch fabric.  

Read on to get all of the full details about sewing up this pattern from Katie...



I rarely take the time to sew for myself. I think it's because my children's excitement over something cute and custom made for them, is what inspires my creativity. I just love to make them happy! As they are getting older and becoming somewhat more independent of me, I've been realizing that I need to make more time for myself. To do things that make me happy, as an individual. The Sew Yourself Some Love series at Pattern Revolution is just the kick in the pants I needed to do some self care sewing!

 I was lucky enough to sew up some Greenstyle Aspen pants. They are sooo comfy, but cute and trendy enough that I won't embarrass myself (or my kids!) by wearing them out in public. I wear business casual and high heels 3 days a week, so the rest of the week is spent in my go-to style: loose, knit pants, tank tops, and flip flops (it's a good thing I live in Florida)! The Aspen pants can be made out of both cotton wovens or knit; you simply size up if you are using wovens. Since I wanted these to be part of my comfy/work at home wardrobe, I made mine out of a sweater knit. They are literally the most comfortable pair of pants I have ever worn. Now that I have shared my love of the finished product, let's move on to the pattern details.

Ooops! Closed my eyes!
  • There are 26 pages of nested pattern pieces to print and tape. Not my favorite part by a long shot, but it's necessary in women's pants patterns. The pages are numbered and outlined, so as long as you keep everything in order, it's a pretty easy pattern to put together.
  • There are options for woven vs. knit, like I said. Your size is based on hip measurement, and you simply size up to make a pair of woven pants. My hips are a lot bigger than my waist, so I did have to take in the waist a little bit. 
  • There are options for low or mid rise, as well as for side inseam and back pockets. I started to make them with the side pockets, but thought that might add a little unwanted bulk to my hips, with the fit of the knit. I have some linen in my stash for my next pair, which will definitely have the pockets.
  • Each step is clearly explained and showed by pictures. Once the taping and cutting are over, this is a very quick sew! It took me about 45 minutes to completely finish the sewing of them. This would be considered a beginner project for anyone who is comfortable with knits.

The Aspen pants are definitely going to be a go-to pattern for my self care sewing. Quick and easy, versatile and comfortable, not to mention super cute! Happy February, and go sew yourself some love!