Emma Ipad/Kindle DX Cover by Gaila Designs

I'm baaa-aaaack!!  Kari, here again, from That's-Sew-Kari with a little bit of self-care sewing for my tablet.  I have been meaning to sew a tablet case for a while now - it seems my original faux-leather case I purchased has a few tears where tiny fingers have picked at it over the years.   When I saw the opportunity to review the Emma iPad/Kindle DX Cover from Gaila Designs, I knew I had to find some time in my busy schedule.

I had the opportunity to pick which tablet pattern would best suit my needs.  I thought that the Emma would be the wisest choice.  It features an extra zippered pocket on the front to hold your charger, a few dollars, or whatever else you may need.  At the top, near the main zipper are two handles to make your case easier to carry.  I don't actually own an iPad (I'm an Android girl) or a Kindle DX so I looked up their measurements online and compared them to the measurements of the 10" tablet I do own.  I own the ASUS TF101 which is just slightly wider than the Kindle DX.

Tablet is well-cushioned in the main compartment and the front pocket is large enough
to hold some money, charger, or anything else you may need.

Upon opening the PDF, there are instructions on how to print your pattern at the proper size.  The pattern, itself spans just two pages.  There are two options of how to join the pattern together, depending on which tablet you have.   Since my tablet was closest to the measurements of the Kindle DX, I followed the instructions to make the larger of the two cases.

The tutorial portion of the pattern is very straightforward and walks you through step-by-step.  The pictures are clear and helpful as well.  I only encountered one problem while making this and it was completely because my brain stopped working. After I cut down my front side with pocket zipper attached, I went to move the zipper pull out of the way of the seam allowance and pulled it the opposite way I intended.  I pulled it OFF completely instead of unzipping it halfway toward the middle.  And guess what?!  That zipper pull was not going back on.  I had my embroidery done and everything. *insert frown face* Other than that slight mishap which caused me to start over...LOL... the second time around was smooth sailing.

Tablet fits comfortably in here!

Including embroidery time, Facebook breaks, and snack break, it was done under 2 hours!  I did find trying to keep all of the layers from shifting a bit more difficult than I anticipated.  I recommend using lots of pins. That being said, it won't deter me from making another.  I absolutely love how it turned out -- I even took it to the doctor's office today and my tablet was in a stylish, one-of-a-kind (yet safe) case.

With the exception of the yellow zippers, this was a result of me digging through my stash again.  Black and white is by far my favorite color combo.  When I saw the yellow zippers, I knew they were just the pop of color I was looking for.  I thought I had leftover batting, but when I went into my supplies, it was just scraps.  I did find a perfectly awesome bath towel though that I used a bit of to make burp cloths last year (shhh... don't tell).  I also decided not to use grosgrain ribbon for the handles and opted to sew my own with matching fabric.

I will most definitely be sewing up some more of these!  And my 3 year old loved it as well -- I found her hiding in her room with it as she was quickly filling it with goodies.  She may have thrown a tantrum when I told her it was mine.  Poor girl isn't used to my self-care sewing just yet.

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Until next time....

If you don't have a tablet already for viewing your PDF patterns, I highly recommend Kindle by Amazon. We have 2 in our household and LOVE them! You can get the "old" 7" HD Kindle Fire for just $139, or if you're one that likes the newest and best of everything, you can get the newest version the Kindle Fire 7" HDX for more.