Lullaby Collection Lap Tee and Body Suit by Peek A Boo

Have you seen the new Lullaby Line by our affiliate Peek A Boo Patterns?  If you have a baby shower to go to, a new edition to your family on the way, or a child under 5;  you are going to want to take a look at these!

The Full Collection includes:  Overalls, Lap Tee and Body Suit, Shorts/Pants, Sleep Sack, Baby Gown, and Hat/Mitts.

We are looking at the Lap Tee - perfect for girls and boys - and go check out our awesome tutorial for adding a super adorable girly skirt to your Lap Tee Body Suit!

I sewed up two of these lickity split as a gift for my newborn niece... these are a size 3-6 months, so she can't model them yet, but I hope they will fit her through the summer.  I was able to sew up both in a nap time - yay for quick and adorable patterns.  To make them a bit more girly, I gave a slight A -line to the body and lengthened the lap tee by about 1.5 inches so that it will wear more like a tunic.

I paired up the tops with the adorable Monkey Pants from Terra's Treasures.

Now here is Jessica with a full review and pictures on her adorable boy!!!!!


Hello, again! It's Jessica from Snickerdoodle Stew and I'm here to show off this amazing Lap Tee and Bodysuit from Peek-A-Boo Patterns! I've started to dabble in the world of knits and I'm almost to the point where I can make any of the basic tops my kids would need. When Suzanne posted the call for reviews on the Peek-a-Boo Patterns Bodysuit and Lap Tee from their Lullaby Line, I seriously couldn't get my request in soon enough! My youngest is 21 months, so we're in that bodysuit/tee no-man's-land where I don't necessarily want to buy new bodysuits because we might potty train this summer, but leaving him in a tee means that there is plenty of opportunity to play in a messy diaper at naptime. And quite honestly, as much as I'd love this little guy to be an aspiring artist, Poo-casso is just not the genre I had in mind. I digress.

I chose to sew up the Lap Tee version of this pattern. I really just did not want to mess with snaps or buying a kit, so I went with the easiest route. And boy, this was definitely a case of instant gratification. I love simple knit patterns because they usually take longer to print, tape, cut, and cut again than they do to sew. So in an hour, my little guy has a cool, new, mama-made tee. There are a lot of variations of this pattern that make it really versatile. You can do short or long sleeves (or even 3/4 if you're crafty) and a tee or bodysuit with snaps. I'm pretty sure I'll never have to buy another shower gift again! I'm definitely looking forward to sewing tees and bodysuits for friends with the guarantee that they won't get doubles!


Here are some cool features of this pattern:
  • Sizes nb to 4 are included for both the tee and the bodysuit.
  • There are only 6 patterns pieces with nested sizes.
  • Lots of pictures and great instructions.
  • Cuff and binding measurements ON the pattern pieces, so they are all in one place! (GENIUS!)
  • Approximately 1 hour from cut to finish, give or take your sewing speed.
  • Can be done with a serger or a regular machine!
What is this?  She used a double needle?  My mom ROCKS!

What is this? A double needle? My mom ROCKS!
I did have a few hiccups with this pattern, but I think it was more user error than anything. The seam allowance is 1/4" and I prefer at least a 3/8", just to make sure I get everything in the seam that is supposed to be there. I ended up having to do a 1/2" seam allowance on the part where the shoulders overlap because I just couldn't get that trim to catch on one side. So when I make another one, I'll make sure I get that lined up well so I don't have that issue again!
Other than that, I LOVE the finished result. I used a cotton/lycra 4- way stretch knit from Purple Seamstress Fabric and a rib knit from JoAnn for my trim. My little guy is *almost* out of his 12-18M stuff and I sewed the 2T on this just to give him some growing room. I definitely think we'll get lots of wear with it this spring and when it gets too warm, I can cut off the sleeves and add a cuff!

And in case you're wondering, this is Simeon, my sweet, sweet cuddle bug. He's our last, so I'm definitely soaking in all of the last glimmer of baby left.