Little Lizard King Tee Pee Tent Review

Hi everyone! This is Sarah and I am here again today to review the Tee-Pee Tutorial by Little Lizard King.

I am so excited to be part of a week dedicated to reading.  My girls are bibliophiles like their mother; we have stacks of books all over our house in all shapes and sizes. We once told our older daughter that we were taking her for a surprise and her first guess was DisneyWorld. When we said no, that it wasn't quite THAT special, she guessed the bookstore.  I loved that she thought the bookstore was only one step down from DisneyWorld, because it kind of is!  In fact, that is still a favorite bribe treat for my girls on the weekend; a trip to the local bookstore.

The other thing my kids love is a tent. We have an old princess play tent that I bought several years ago and recently pulled out for my girls.  It was sad.  For real.  The material is cheap, non-breathable polyester of some unknown origin and the supports are really thin plastic tubes.  My girls decided to sleep in it that night which resulted in a partial collapse in the middle of the night and my little one waking up drenched in sweat.  Not good at all.

So enter the Little Lizard King Tee-Pee Tutorial and Read Across America Week.  What a great way to encourage my girls to hideaway and get lost in a story, to give them a little reading nook of their own.  The Little Lizard King Tee-Pee Tutorial has been on my "wanted" list for a long time, so I knew this was the project for me!

The first thing to note on this is that it is a tutorial, not a pattern. Meaning, there are no pattern pieces.  That was totally fine by me! The pieces are all triangles and rectangles, so the cutting is very easy with just the measurements.

The second note is that there are a few non-traditional tools for a sewing project needed for the tutorial; like a drill and PVC pipe.   But no biggie though, I have a guy I contract that work out to (the hubs) and he complains about going to the hardware store like I complain about going to the fabric store...

Funny though, speaking of fabric stores, that is not where I went to get my fabric for this project! The tutorial mentions up-cycling curtains or sheets as your tent fabric and my pony crazy girls had seen these pony sheets at Target and had begged for them.  They matched well with the existing decor in their playroom, so I decided this was the perfect opportunity to use them.  

They worked perfect with a couple of accent materials from my hoard (I don't even pretend it's a stash anymore...)

So onto cutting and assembling! The cutting dimensions are really clear, presented as both a table and as shapes with the dimensions noted.  I am a visual person, so I used the shapes to measure out my pieces.  

The tutorial covers both a plain and ruffled tent.  I originally intended to do the ruffled version, but then changed my mind when I realized I wouldn't be able to see my pretty ponies as well on the ruffled version.

Assembly of the tent is really simple.  It takes a bit of time to cut out all of the pieces, and since I used directional print it took a little longer, but I easily finished the cutting and sewing in 2 evenings after the kiddos went to bed.  The directions are very clear and tell you the exact placement for everything form the holes in the PVC to the ribbons on the tent front.  They are all straight seams, so even the most novice sewist could tackle this successfully.

Speaking of the ribbons on the front, the tent features a little door with ribbon detail to hold the sides open.  My little one was "freezing" because the door was open, so we had to close it...

The tent is easy to fold up and store too.  It just takes up as much room as the 5 poles, so you could stash it in the corner when it's not in use.  Love that!

My girls LOVE it.  They couldn't wait to get inside and try it out.

My older daughter reads to her sister frequently and I loved that they cuddled up immediately to share a story.  "Say the words!" my little says to her sister.  

The little one thought it was a great place for a little snack too.  And since I can pop it off of the PVC, it is washable (score!).

This tent is the perfect little hide away for your kiddo.  The tutorial is the perfect little weekend project too.  Quick and easy, it's a great tutorial.  I see more of these in my future for gifts and photoshoots too.  Maybe even another one for when the girls need a little alone time for their reading...

Happy reading and sewing until next time!

Pattern available HERE.