Nimblephish Triple Pattern Review

We've got a triple review of Nimblephish patterns today! You can enter to win the 3 patterns reviewed at the end of this post, and be sure to check out Naomi's Etsy Shop where you can use the code PATREV40 for 40% off your order. These little cuties would make the perfect Easter Basket stuffers!

Tiny Monkey by NimblePhish

a review by kara orr

When my daughter saw this picture she said, "oh I really want that baby!"  I was trying to hide this cute monkey to put in her Easter basket.  I guess the joke is on me!

The cute factor for Tiny Monkey is outrageous!  

 There are printed pattern pieces for Tiny Monkey that are very simple.

Tiny Monkey is 12" when finished.  The instructions for putting the monkey together are very clear and easy to follow.  There are pictures to coordinate with instructions.

There are guides on the pattern for embroidering the face.  I hand embroidered the face and it was very quick and easy.

There are instructions for sculpting the face to get those dimples at the mouth and cheek bones.

The diaper can be removed so that he can be "changed".  You could also make extra diapers if your little one likes to change diapers.

My plan was to have Tiny Monkey in the Easter basket on Easter Sunday morning.  He does make a cute little gift for any occasion.

Hi all! My name is Jeanine and I work at The Scientific Seamstress. I have been sewing since 2010. I mostly sew clothing. In fact I LOOOOVE sewing clothes for myself and the girls.  

Sewing stuffies of any kind is very much out of my comfort zone. However, when I saw this bunny pattern from Nimblephish I really wanted to give it a go so the girls would have a fun toy in their Easter basket made by me. I really love to include at least one handmade gift at Christmas and Easter as I feel this will help them appreciate handmade and encourage them to hand make as well. 

I would rate this pattern and advanced beginner due to the hand sewing involved and the face details. The pattern has photo's and clear written directions for everything, including the face sculpting (much easier than it sounds I promise! IF you read and follow the directions) The hand sewing is not a lot, but it is an a bit tedious and can be difficult to master getting small, secure, and hidden stitches. 

I love that the pattern comes with the carrot pattern and the cute little diaper pattern - which has a tail cut out spot! How cute aren't these little bunny bums!!!

Before I sewed the pattern together I cut out felt letters and hand stitched one to a footpad on each bunny so the kids will know whose is whose. I find this VERY helpful with 2 girls close in age. I also used different buttons to help tell them apart on first sight.  another thing you really don't want to forget to do before sewing is transfer the face placement to the pieces. I totally forgot, hence why the faces are a bit different on each bunny. oops!

The bunny itself uses hardly any fabric at all. I was able to make two bunnies from a very short width of fabric. The diaper and carrot use hardly any fabric at all! I love a project that uses scraps! This pattern with all the extra details and x2 took me about 3-4 hours to complete. I think if I was making just one without the extras I could be done in an hour and a half to 2 hours.

and now for a fun bonus - the how to for the fabric ear flower!

Happy Sewing!

Have you guys seen the Tiny Tot Baby from NimblePhish?  Oh man, is it cute!  I am Crystal, from Stitched by Crystal, and I got the chance to sew up this sweet little doll and am here to share my review with you today!
This little doll can be made from doll skin, suede cloth, or fleece.  I used some anti pill fleece from Joann’s for mine.  The pattern says it is a 12” doll, but when laid flat, my finished doll measures about 11” from head to toe. 
I love all the little details on this doll, like the embroidered face, little round nose, tiny belly button, and it even has a little tush! 
She has a cute little puff of fake fur for hair.  I picked out this curly brown fur since my baby girl was born with a full head of curly brown hair, which was a big surprise to use since her big brother was completely bald for most of his first year of life!  In the past year and a half, her brown curls have turned blonde, but this dolls tuft of dark curls and those chubby cheeks remind me of her when she was born.
The pattern includes pattern pieces and instructions for making a little diaper, gown and hat for the baby too.
So here are all the details on this doll!
  • The doll measures about 11”-12” in length.
  • It has an embroidered face, so no doll eyes are needed and it is baby safe.
  • Simple construction with no doll joints or special tools required.
  • Can be made with doll skin, suede cloth, or fleece.
  • The doll is stuffed with polyfill and beads.
  • Takes about 2 hours to sew and another 30 minutes or so to make the clothes.
  • Easy to follow instructions.
  • The doll has a sculpted face to give it that sweet smile and the designer walks you through how to do that.
This is not a pattern I would recommend for beginners.  The instructions are easy to follow and there are some pictures to help you along, but you do need an understanding of basic stitches and basic embroidery stitches to complete the pattern.  There are also some parts that are not well illustrated in photos, but if you have some sewing experience, I think you can finish this doll without much trouble.
The doll clothes do not have photos or illustrations to go along with the directions, however, they are pretty straight forward and I had no trouble sewing them up.
This doll has been a big hit with my daughter!  I had not quite finished sewing her up and she went missing, I found her tucked in under a blanket on the couch.  I managed to sneak her back to finish my sewing, but my daughter and this doll have been inseparable!

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