Faux Wrap Skort by Jocole

So I was lucky enough to get to sew up the newest pattern from the amazing Jocole, and this one has earned it's spot as one of my favorite patterns to make for my 5 year old! I mean, obviously it's adorable.

My 5 year old Kindergartner is at a funny age, where she's very concerned with modesty, but still wants to look girly. She's gotten very picky about what skirts and dresses she will wear (*sniff, sniff*).The faux wrap skort is the PERFECT solution for her.

Seriously, I did NOT expect to finish this outfit in the 2 hours I had between getting off work, and picking up the kids from school. This might have been one of the fastest patterns I've sewn. As per usual with Jocole patterns, the pieces are beautifully digitized and match up perfectly. The skorts took about 40 minutes, which included at least 10 minutes spent trying to find 1 of 5 pair of sewing scissors lost in the abyss of my sewing room.

This is a great pattern to add to your collection, and perfect for beginners. Here are some of the pattern details:
  • The pattern pieces print on 11 pages of nested patterns. Different sized dots and dashes are used to mark your size, which is my personal preference (because I print in black and white).
  • The pattern includes sizes NB - 14!! I'll be making these for years yet. Doll size is also included.
  • Can be made out of woven or knit. I had already decided to do mine out of some denim I had in my stash before I read that part. DEFINITELY doing some knit ones next. 
  • Includes a finished size measurement chart as well as a fabric chart. My size 5 only used 1 yard.
  • Pictures accompany each step. Certain steps also have links to free tutorials on her blog about how to add other options (like back pockets and belt loops).
  • Seriously, so fast. I am sure my next ones will take me no more than 30 minutes.

                                          Oh, Hi Peanut.

The best part?? This brand new Jocole pattern is part of the awesome Bundle UP sale starting at Pattern Revolution on April 26th. That means you can get it and many other awesome patterns for as low as $4.50. I know, twist your arm, right?? 

Hi everyone!  JaNette from Merri Poppins here to talk about Jocole's Faux Wrap Skort.  If you are looking for a pattern that is super quick and easy to sew, look no further!


With all of the chaos of the kids getting home from school, I managed to sew and photograph this in about 2 1/2 hours.  I'm sure without the interruptions it would have been less. This was the quickest item I have made in quite a while!  Even a beginner can make this, in my opinion. 

This pattern features:

  • doll sizes up to girls 14
  • nested pattern to print
  • sizing guide
  • optional pocket instructions
  • elastic waistband
  • suggested fabrics and yardage
  • optional knit tips, tricks and stretch guide (first time seeing one of those!)
  • glossary of terms
  • tons of contact info if you need help


The directions are simple and straight forward.  It takes longer to print, tape and cut out than actually sew it together.  Everything lined up perfectly and my square measured correctly! YAY!

And it's super comfy as you can tell.  Jenna practiced her ballet and investigated in the bushes never complaining that it was uncomfortable.  In fact she wants to wear it tomorrow to school! 

I can see more of these in my future especially since it goes up to size 14.  Thanks for such a great pattern Jocole!

Until next time....


Additional Images by Theresa Haas- Click to enlarge