The Trendy Tunic by Love Notions Designs

Today we take a look at  a great spring play dress - this is trendy and cane be finessed to your little's girl's personality based on the knit fabric you choose to make it in.  The Trendy Tunic by Love Notions is definitely a must have for the fashionista in your house.  With large pockets, you child will be able to carry anything they need from found treasures to their most treasured stuffy.  Check out what Theresa and Nicole did with the pattern!  We've got sweet spring time and super cool super heroines... check it out.... And enter below to win your own copy!


My name is Theresa. I am a stay at home, homeschooling mom of six. I taught myself to sew about three years ago and I sew every free moment that I get. I love sewing, testing patterns, writing reviews and getting to know some awesome designers! I am happy to be back to review for Pattern revolution again.

This time, I had the pleasure of sewing and reviewing The Trendy Tunic by Love Notions. This was my first Love Notions pattern and I am always very excited to try out a pattern by a designer that I have never tried before! I must say that I was very happy with the experience and look forward to more Love Notions Patterns.

The Trendy Tunic is designed for knit fabric and features cap sleeves and big inset pockets with the option of pocket ruffles. It has center and side panels so you can do some fun color blocking, if you’d like. It is a quick and easy sew! This tunic is perfect for Spring and Summer wear. You can pair it with jeans, ruffle pants, leggings, capris and even bike shorts.

The tutorial/pattern downloaded and printed easily. The pattern pieces matched up perfectly and are nested, color coded, and clearly marked for each of the different sizes for easy cutting. There is a size chart with measurements to help you pick the perfect size and a chart of fabric requirements for each size. There is a diagram that shows you how to piece your pattern together and a fabric layout for cutting your pieces out. A large range of sizes are included in this pattern: 2T – 14! You will use this pattern for years.

The tutorial is thorough, clear and easy to follow. The instructions are very detailed. There are
clear, color, step-by-step photos to aid in the understanding of these instructions. It is listed as an
intermediate pattern, probably because of the use of knit fabric. But, it is easy enough that I think an adventurous beginner can tackle it. The designer even has a video tutorial on her blog for completing the pockets, in case you have any trouble.

I am thrilled with the tunic and so is my daughter. It fits true to size and looks so cute on! I like the
modern, stylish look and my daughter loves how comfortable it is and the big pockets for all the little treasures she finds throughout the day in play. I made mine in coordinating fabrics, but you can certainly use all one fabric for the whole thing or get funky with different patterns or contrasting colors. This is a great pattern for upcycling as well. I will definitely be making more of these!


Hi it's me again, I'm Nicole and I have a little shop called K & A Couture I make a lot of Upcycles. There are several ways of upcycling, but in my world it involves taking a graphic tee-shirt and turning it into a masterpiece! LOL Ok well fine turning it into a dress or tunic or hoodie. My two girls love dresses, they love anything girly really. When I saw the Trendy Tunic by Love Notions I just knew it would make the perfect new pattern to add to my collection for Upcycles!

 Now like I said my girls are as girly as they come especially my little one. So I had to figure out a way to make a tunic super girly! She is four and has been obsessed with high heels lately, so I thought what a perfect way to make this Tunic girly than with Super Hero Girls in High Heels!!

Or Course she had to pair it with a pair of her favorite heels! This girl will wear heels to daycare and run and play in them like they are a pair of tennis shoes, it really does amaze me! 

Ok enough about the heels! The Trendy Tunic is a really easy sew. From start to finish it probably took me two hours, and that's just because the shirt I choose I had to end up doing a little piecing. As you can see by the colorblocks on the sides and the band around the bottom, the shirt just wasn't wide enough or long enough, but with a little bit more work it turned out great!

I love the fact it has pockets! What little kid doesn't love pockets, I know mine does! When she is in an especially lovely mood and wants nothing but a dress I can talk her into wearing this because it has pockets! I tell her look pockets, you can hide all your toys in there and she is sold!!

The pattern instructions are very straightforward and I love that! I had absolutely no problems with any of the pieces, I went into it thinking oh those pockets look a little difficult, however they were not, the instructions are very clear on how to do them perfectly! The only thing "negative" that I can think of with the pattern is if you've never worked with knits before there is not a lot of direction on how to sew with knits. I don't really see that as a negative though, because there are so many free tutorials out on the web that can explain how to sew with knits!

Now my favorite shot from our little photoshoot!! HAHA Crazy kid!