Easy Fits By Scientific Seamstress

Hi!  It's Ellen from ellzabelle and I'm so excited for these pants!  They are such a quick and easy sew.
I've had this shirt that I appliqued for so long.  I've been waiting to make ruffle capris to match so I jumped at the chance to review the Easy Fit Pants pattern by Scientific Seamstress.

 Pattern details:
* Size 6m-12y
* Lots of different styles- basic, cuffed, ruffled
* Pattern is flexible- length is customizable
* BONUS of doll size pattern for 15" or 18" dolls
* Print just the size you need to save paper!
* Two folding templates included (waist band and leg opening)
* Legs cut on fold for less seams and more comfort
* Fast sew and I would say great for a beginner
I chose to make ruffle capris and I think they turned out great.  Pattern is easy to follow and all the directions were very clear.  I loved using the folding template for waistband.  It was the first time I have ever used one and I thought it was very helpful!
I also really liked picking the size I needed and just printing those few pages out.  It was interesting how you just print the top part of the pants and after picking the length you want, you create the rest of the pattern.  It was very smart and allows the sewer to have endless options from shorts to pants.  Maybe Bermuda shorts for summer?  YES!
I made the size 6 for my petite 6 year old even though she measured a 5.  I took a 1/2" seam allowance instead of the stated 1/4" and they fit perfectly. 
The pants are a nice and roomy-perfect for PLAYING!
Till next time.  -ellen

Some days, my model likes to twirl and play in the perfect sunshine. Other days, she wakes from her nap cranky, it's pouring down rain, and she *insists* the only place she wants to go is....



It was a wild ride, so come along with us and I'll tell you about the Easy Fits as we go!


I made my 2T a pair of wide-leg easies out of this light weight stretch denim. (I suggested these were hearts, but she immediately corrected me and told me they were STARS. Did I mention she's 2?) I opted for the cuff-less pant length. 

First thing you should know: This pattern is half-drafted. That is to say, there is a pattern piece for the booty-curve, and then a provided formula to calculate length of the pant leg. Which, in my experience, makes the "Easy Fits" a PERFECT fit. (Don't worry, if the sweetie you're sewing for isn't available for measure, there's a provided list of average measurements, too!)  

You'll notice that the hem is really deep on these (2+ inches!). I'm excited about the prospect of lengthening these as she grows and getting a lot of miles out of them! 

They were a super fast sew, stitched up in a single naptime. 'Nuff said, am I right??

Also on the "pros" list: there are no outseams to break up the pant print. (On a print of this small scale, it wouldn't really be noticeable, but if you wanted to do an applique or use a large print for these, it's useful to know there's no seam on the outside of the pant leg to break a sweat over!)


This is an excellent pattern for the beginner sewist. The tutorial is lengthy, and covers all things a first-time-sewist should know about pattern assembly. 

I love that Ellen shared a ruffled capri length version! These two different style pants are very indicative in the variety of length, width, and finishing options suggested by the pattern. The UNISEX pattern, might I add. And since the pattern booty-piece I printed covers size 1-3, baby bro will be the next to sport the easies!

Thanks for coming along with us for our Easy Fit review! Now go snatch up your own copy at a serious discount! Bundle UP!