Hailey Girl's Dress, Tunic or Top by Modkid

I am so excited to share with you the new Hailey by ModKid. It has been a popular paper pattern for quite some time, but now, as part of the Bundle Up sale, it is being released in PDF! This new pattern is in sizes 2T-10.

 My first thought when I saw it was that it would be a quick sew, and it sure was. I managed to get it sewn up during nap time with plenty of time left over for other things.

 It comes in 3 different lengths: the shirt, the tunic, and the dress. Then there is the option of adding a ruffle to the bottom of the dress as well. I was worried when I first made it without the ruffle that it would be too short for my super tall girl, and since she was at school, I couldn't try it on her. I went ahead and added the ruffle, just to be safe, but I don't think it would have been a problem without it once I actually tried it on her.

You can make this with either knits or wovens, which is awesome! I love the ease and comfort of knits so I went ahead and used that for this one, but I can see myself making some with wovens as well. The first thing my daughter did when she saw it was ask if it was a play dress for her and if she could wear it right away. She gets lots of frilly dresses that she wears to church, but she loves to wear dresses all week long. This was the perfect pattern for a basic every day dress for her. If you're not very comfortable with knits, don't worry, there is a section that has several tips for sewing with knits.

 The middle of this is shirred, and there are instructions for how to shirr included. That part is what took the longest sewing. She has you sew up one side of the garment, shirr, and then sew up the other side to make it really easy. If you are like me and get in the zone when you are sewing and don't realize you sewed up both seams before shirring, even though you specifically told yourself not to do that when you sat down, (am I the only one who does things like that?) you can still make it work. It is just a bit more awkward doing it in a round vs flat.

 To recap, this pattern:

  • Is in sizes 2T-10
  • Has 4 different options: the shirt, the tunic, the dress, and the dress with a ruffle
  • Comes with separate yardage charts for knits and wovens and a chart showing finished garment measurements
  • Includes easy to follow illustrations and clear step by step instructions
  • Has a "sewing with knits" section with helpful tips
  • Comes with a section on different ways you can hem knits with example pictures

Overall I would say this is definitely a winner!  She loves it, I love it, and it is quick and easy to sew.  What's not to love about it?

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