The Whitney Pattern by Fairytale Patterns

Check out this adorable dress - it is so versatile, so cute and your baby girl will absolutely love it!

Melissa sewes a cowgirl/sherrif version for her sweet Whitney in a Whitney - I mean SERIOUSLY!?!?!??


And Katie has a full review for you to check out with an ombre version - I think I'm falling in love!  This dress is available now in for an amazing deal in the BundleUP! Collection - but get it now this deal doesn't last long!


Hi, it's Katie again and I've got another fabulous little dress to share with you today! Lots of ruffles, frills, and girliness in this one. This is the Fairytale Pattern Company's Whitney's Triple Ruffle Dress:

I was going for an "ombre" look, and love the final product! I used a white cotton bottom weight for the bodice, that has a sateen shine to it, and it came out so gorgeous. She thinks the tie-up corset-like bodice makes this a princess dress and all the ruffles are perfect for a fancy little dress. We love it!

I never expect a pattern full of ruffles to be a speedy sew, and while it definitely took me a couple of hours, it wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be, based on the appearance. I got a little bit ahead of myself and constructed the ruffles out of order, and not according to the pattern. This resulted in a snapped line of gathering stitches or 4. That's what I get for not reading through first! Otherwise, everything came together very easily.

The fit of the bodice is perfection and it is fully lined. The details in the pattern (including topstitching and templates for perfect button placement) make the end product look and feel very professional. Let's get to some of those pattern details:

  • Includes sizes 0-3 months - 14, plus doll size (wowzers!)
  • Includes a finished measurement chart and a fabric requirement chart
  • Nested pattern pieces for the bodice print in color. All rectangular shapes are given in measurements.
  • Templates are provided for marking the front ribbon loops and back buttons/buttonholes.
  • Clear pictures and easy to understand diagrams accompany each step.
  • This dress can be accomplished by an advanced beginner. It's more time consuming than it is hard.

I love this little bodice so much, that I am already thinking of different looks you can achieve with the same pattern. Leave the bottom 2 ruffles off, and you've got a peplum top. With a little modification, you can leave off the top two ruffles, and have a simpler, more everyday dress.

Now how are you going to decide which of your Bundle Up patterns to sew first?
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