The Caroline Party Dress by Mouse House Creations

Are you enjoying all these fun dresses for Easter/Spring?!?!?  There really is something for everyone, whether you like simple and sweet or elaborate and ruffle-y.

Today, we take a look at the Caroline Party Dress by Mouse House Creations.  This is a great dress with tons of room for customization to make it unique to your vision!  Check out the gorgeous creations by Trisha and Nicole.  Have you made a Caroline for your girls???  We want to see it - head over to our facebook group and share with #EasterCaroline.


I knew I needed to get some Easter dresses for my girls done, so I was excited to get to review the girls Caroline Party Dress from Mouse House Creations.  Plus, with a deadline, I knew I'd actually get their dresses done on time.

I have had two girls now for over a year and I realized I have never made them matching dresses before!  I knew I had to have them at least coordinating.  I did the collars in different fabrics and the tulle underneath in different colors, so they aren't completely matching, but they are close.

The pattern is a classic look, without lots of ruffles, which is what I wanted.  Ruffles are fun, but sometimes you just want something without them.  The bodice is fully lined, and you have the option of lining the skirt or not.  I chose to, and added the tulle, which is optional as well.  The peter pan collar is also another option.  I had a little bit of trouble with the collar and looking at the pictures I realize it wants to sit a little funny on my youngest.  I did adjust the seam allowance on part of it to make it a little bigger, and that very well may have been what messed it up.  I should learn to just leave the pattern alone the first time I make it, but what fun would that be?  ;)

There are also pockets you can add, which in my rush to get pictures I completely forgot to tell my oldest daughter that they are there!  She is going to be so excited when I tell her she has pockets in this dress.

The back closes with an invisible zipper.  I have never done an invisible zipper before and I was super scared.  I had to take it one step at a time, but I got it.  I have to say they turned out pretty good!  I won't say it's a piece of cake, but if you go slow and follow the pictures in the instructions, you'll get it.  She does a great job explaining it.

There are pattern pieces for the bodice, collar, and pockets, and cutting instructions for the skirt and lining pieces.  I love not having to print off pages and pages just for a rectangle.

Overall I have to say I really enjoyed this pattern.  Lots of step by step pictures, and she used fabrics that were pretty easy to tell which was the bodice and which was the lining, etc.  It's a pet peeve of mine when designers use fabrics in the pictures that are hard to distinguish which piece is which.  The sizing seems pretty true.  I went by the measurement chart to determine the size and they both fit pretty true to their RTW size.

Now I just need to get the Ladies Caroline Dress so I can make myself a matching dress as well.  My oldest was so excited to match her younger sister, I can't image how thrilled she'd be if we all matched!


Hi y'all!

My goodness it's been awhile far too long since I've been able to sew up some pretties!
I had the most amazing time with Mousehouse creations pattern the girls Caroline dress. Hayley really outdid herself with this little gem. This was the perfect dress for me to really add those personal touches on.

I love Easter it's one of my favorite holidays the whole meaning behind Easter and what it celebrates just touches my heart strings and makes me feel so loved and blessed. My girls love our family Easter egg hunts, and getting lots of chocolates :)

Details about the Caroline party dress:
Size range:
6 months to a youth 12

Faux cap sleeve
Invisible zipper back
Fully line bodice
Fully lined bodice and skirt
Tulle underskirt
Inseam pockets
Belt loops

Time to complete:
Under two hours

Adventurous beginner

Other details:
Step by step detailed photos for all of us who are visual learners (which I am)
Pattern piece layout guide
How to fully cut out all the pieces with your fabrics.

I must tell you a secret.... This is the first time I've done an invisible zipper. Hayley gives such great direction I did struggle because I took a short cut and please learn from my 5 times doing the zipper to take the extra time and iron the coils on your zipper flat. You wouldn't think that would be a key importance but, trust me it is and makes all the difference. I still need a little work on the zippers but, I know I will master it in no time. Plus Hayley is so great with quickly responding if you have issues along the way.

I decided to add some ric rac trim around the Peter Pan collar as a nice touch.... Think of how stunning piping would be! Oh heart be still. I did a sash and ties as well. I cut my center sash at 4 by length of bodice then I folded it in half wrong sides together and top stitched to the bodice then did a baste stitch along the bodice edge. For the ties I did 4x20 times 2 folded in half right sides together stitched the short end and along the long edge and then trimmed, turned, ironed, and top stitched. You can change the width and length to your own personal style. I also added a band to my skirts 6.5" by length of skirt. I folded the band in half so I didn't have to hem. I also added a double flutter sleeve as well with ric rac around the edges. I love that I was able to really showcase my Michael miller glitz blush and blush confettii fabric with the Caroline party dress.

I hope y'all will add this wonderful gem to your collection and get creative with it. I mean come one how sweet would a split bodice, herringbone bodice, chevron bodice be and piping details. Oh my! So many ideas. I can't wait to make more. I hope you enjoyed seeing my beautiful dresses and happy Easter to all!