Modkid Summer Fun: Sew 7 Stylish Patterns for 18 inch Dolls by Patty Young

I was so happy to get to review this new book by Patty Young, the Summer Fun book is the perfect addition to your collection if you have a child or know anyone who has a child with a love of 18 inch Dolls.  We haven't entered the American Girl Doll phase in our house yet... but I am sure we will be getting there soon enough!

By Patty Young

My niece on the other hand is turning 7 and she loves her American Girl Dolls (At least I hope she still does ;op).  My fondest memory of this stage of child hood was sleep overs.I wanted to make sure that if my niece wants to take her doll along with her she will have the perfect sleeping space for her tag along - a doll need's its own sleeping bag of course!

summer fun book-1001.jpg

Luckily, the Summer Fun book came to my rescue with the perfect gift!  I don't have an 18inch doll to model with, but you get the idea.... of course Mack saw her doll in this adorable sleeping bag and decided it should be hers, I convinced her otherwise - but I think I will be making a second set soon!  As you can see, this accessory is perfect for any stuffed animal or doll up to 18 inches!

summer fun book-1003.jpg
summer fun book-1004.jpg
summer fun book-1002.jpg

The tab at the bottom of the bag allows you to roll up the bag and attach it to your doll's wrist so that she is all ready for her night out.  And I love that this bag has a functioning zipper - no dolls will be rolling out of their sleeping bags in the middle of the night!

summer fun book-1005.jpg

Patty's book is full of colored images, detailed instructions, and creative projects that fit the needs of every 18 inch doll across the globe.  If you are familiar with Modkid patterns, these will not disappoint in the clarity and style you have come to expect.  I love that many of the designs in this book have a kid sized counterpart available off the rack or in PDF patterns.  Your girl and her doll can head out to a sleep over or a beach party dressed to match.

Other Projects in the book include:

  • Mix and match shorts and tees
  • Sun Hat
  • Beach Bag
  • Swim Suit Cover Up
  • Two Piece Bathing Suit

The book is available in Physical or PDF format, so no matter what your preference, there is an option for you!

Enter to WIN your own copy: US Entrants will receive a paper back copy and International Entrants will receive a Digital Copy.

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