Molly Waves Goodbye By Lee And Pearl

We've got a review and giveaway today of the Molly Waves Goodbye American Girl Outfit by Lee and Pearl. If you are looking for some AG doll patterns with impeccable detail, be sure to check them out.

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Hello sewing friends! I have been sewing for about ten years now. I started sewing cloth diapers, then moved on to kids clothes. I also like to make soft dolls and animals. Lately my daughter and I have gotten into American Girl dolls and collecting them. I have made a few outfits for them and I really enjoy it. I like the historical aspect of the dolls and want to try and create authentic clothing for the dolls. (This will have to wait until after grad school, but I digress.) This pattern is written by a company called Lee and Pearl. They have several patterns that they offer in their etsy shop.


 We had a week off for spring break and the opportunity came up to test a doll outfit for Molly that was in a 40's style. The idea of the sendoff suit is that now that Molly has been retired, she is going out into the world for some new adventures.

This pattern does take some time to complete. There are a lot of small pieces to cut out. I did all the paper cutting one night, the fabric cutting the next night, and the assembling the next day. The jacket took me a few hours to put together. I went slowly and carefully, but there are a lot of nice details and it takes time. I love the contrasting lining. The sides curve and fit nicely. I was a little worried about the sleeves but they were really easy to attach.I used sew on snaps instead of buttonholes. There are directions for both. My husband was impressed that I had made a jacket fit a doll and look so tailored. The skirt for the suit comes together quickly and it looks really nice. There is a velcro closure in the back and a pleat in the front.


 I appreciated the directions for all the markings. I made sure to mark and cut anywhere the pattern said. If you mark everything according to the directions, it will line up the right way.


 I made the slip for inside the suit. It is more like a dress than a slip since it has facing. I liked the darts and the way it shaped the dress.


There is a hat included, as well. I did not make the hat yet, but I plan to.

There are a lot of components to this pattern so it can be time consuming to make all the parts at once. The slip/dress could just be made, or the skirt. The jacket alone would be a cute addition to a doll wardrobe.

 I would say this pattern is intermediate because of all the details involved. I think if you are an advanced beginner and just take it slowly and read everything a few times, you would be able to complete it fine. The directions are precise and there are pictures to go along with the steps. The pattern was written by a company who understands how clothes should be put together. They incorporate classical sewing techniques which turn out a professional looking garment.

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