Everyday Play Skirt by Little Lizard King

If you are looking for a summer staple - look no further!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Today we present the Everyday Play Skirt from Little Lizard King.  This gathered skirt with yoga waistband is not only a quick sew, but it is perfect for play!  Check out the reviews by Sarah and Cassie and I have a feeling you'll be headed HERE to grab your own!


Hello Everyone!  This is Sarah again, and I am here today with a review of the Little Lizard King Everyday Play Skirt. 

I don't know about your girls, but mine are totally SKIRT CRAZY!  It is all they want to wear everyday.  With summer upon us here in CA, it is perfect weather for them to hang out in skirts all the time.  When I saw this pattern, I knew it would be one my girls would love.  

The skirt features a knit waistband and a woven skirt and includes sizes 6 months through 14.  There are no pattern pieces to cut; all of the pieces are measurements laid out in tables in the pattern.  

There are several versions included in the pattern; a narrow ruffle version and a wide ruffle version, plus a single panel version or a stripwork panel version. I did the narrow ruffle version for both of mine.  The pattern includes instructions for adding ric rack or lace instead of the narrow ruffle; I applied the narrow ruffle for the blue skirt and jumbo ric rack for the purple one.  

The skirts are very easy to put together.  Seriously.  The instructions are easy to follow and the construction is explained thoroughly with great pictures for each step.  

For the little one, I made a size 4; which her measurements matched with perfectly.  My older daughter is thin and tall; her waist measured as a size 6 and I made the size 8 length.  Both fit spot on when I followed their measurements in selecting my size.  

The pattern also includes instructions for making a ruffle bib for a shirt.  I did not make one of them this time, but I will in the future!

I can see these being worn over and over again.  In fact, I had to wash the blue skirt before doing pictures because my daughter had to wear it the day I made it.  She wore it to dance class again after taking pictures in it!  

The style of the skirt is really cute on both of the girls.  I love that it is cute on the little one and still flattering on the big one.  

With the ease and wearability of this pattern, I know they will have several more in their closets for this summer.  And maybe fall and winter too; how cute would this be with some leggings under it!

Bottom line; this is a great pattern.  Both girls love it, it is super fast to make, I love the combination of knit and woven and it gave me a chance to make the princess skirts that my girls have been begging for!  Yours will love it too!  

Until next time...Happy sewing!


Hi again! Cassie here from Lily Shine Boutique to review the Everyday Play Skirt pattern by Little Lizard King.


 I am totally in squishy heart love with knit/woven combo patterns right now and so is my 4 year old. She loves to twirl, but doesn't so much love a sash bow, buttons down the back or anything "fussy." Liz of Little Lizard King Patterns has recently released her third knit/woven combo pattern and it's pretty awesome! This pattern is great for those beginning to work with knits. If you have a serger, and some ball point needles you will have a much easier time. If you don't have a serger, you'll still be able to make a superb everyday play skirt, but just not as quickly.


 I really enjoy sewing with Little Lizard King patterns because the patterns include sizing charts, final measurements, tips and tricks to sew with various fabrics and clear photos to follow along with the directions. I am a visual learner, so having those pictures that depict exactly what I need to do is so important to me! I also enjoy that she provides a huge range of sizes. In this pattern, there are measurements for 12 months through size 14. Which, if you are a slimmer, petite female you can definitely get away with using this pattern to sew a skirt for you. BONUS! And, I really appreciate the wide variety of options in her patterns. The pattern comes with directions and measurements to add a slim hemline ruffle, a more predominant top stitched ruffle, stripwork skirt, or a basic skirt. If you opt to sew with all knits, as I did for this review, your skirt will be made entirely of 2 cuts of fabric and 3 seams. Ba-dad-BOOM, Ba-da-BING. Talk about a skirt you can sew EVERYDAY, in a matter of minutes! Let's take a look at this gem of a pattern!


 The knit waistband is cut from one rectangle of fabric. It's really important to measure your child, and refer to the sizing chart to determine the width of your waistband. Since there is no elastic, the knit waistband needs to be snug enough to keep the skirt from sliding down over time. I like to buy a 4-way lycra to sew with, so that it gives a great stretch but has a good recovery and doesn't lose it's shape throughout the day. For the skirt, it would be a great way to destash some of your scraps, as you can do the stripwork option included in the pattern.


 My daughter loves how comfy and easy going the skirt is, the pattern truly lives up to it's name! I think she would wear it everyday to play in, and I wouldn't be against sewing enough so she could!


 This skirt will have her twirling, skipping, hopping along, and begging for more! You'll smile, knowing that in just 30 minutes to an hour, you can whip up a new creation that will make her day!