Amelie & Henri Market Dress

Today we take a look at the Amelie and Henri Market Dress.  Now, there have been comments in different facbook groups about struggles with this adorable pattern, so we put our reviewers to the test to get the nitty gritty on this vintage inspired summer pattern.  All in all, they made gorgeous creations with both pros and a few cons in the construction process.  If you are considering sewing this up yourself, read through the reviews for some helpful tips to make sure you create a garment to treasure with no tears along the way.  Amelie and Henri also has a great sewing group  on Facebook that is happy to help answer any questions you might have as you create this garment.  There is also a sew along for this pattern scheduled to start on June 16th - I am sure it will be filled with tips and tricks to create the Market Dress you have been dreaming of.


Let me introduce you to the Market Dress! It's a new release in Amelie & Henri's Spring 2014 pattern line, and like all of Kerri's releases, it's absolutely darling.

But what is it really? Because as a "dress" it is awfully revealing! The pattern suggests it's really a high waisted skirt, with optional straps. Worn layered with another top, you have the perfect vintage look!

The design includes visible petticoat, pleated straps and waistband, full button closure in the back, and big adorable pockets (which I omitted here for fear they'd busy the already vibrant print). 


Let's talk Pros:

  • NO PATTERN PIECES! Horray!! Nothing cuts up faster than a pattern with no printing required.
  • The instructions are well illustrated - with drawings AND images! 
  • The strap length is adjustable for a flexible fit and accommodating growing bodies!


  • The pattern lacks a fabric requirement chart. I made due here with 1/2 yard lining and 1 yard outer, which does make the 2T stash friendly, but I always hate to guess while fabric shopping!
  • The skirt - though I sized up - is short for my taste (and active toddler!). The length is fine when pulled down, but the high waist band rises with activity and exposes quite a bit of leg. 
  • The straps are wide and fall past little shoulders. If I make it again, I'll take those in some to keep the straps up where they belong.
  • There's an exposed raw edge of the petticoat, and while the pattern addresses how to remedy it, the suggested fix was hard/impossible to achieve with a professional finish. I'd love to see more detail added to this step.

The design is classic, great for layering in all seasons, and (with patience for button holes and many gathers) a fun little sew!



 Cassie here, of Lily Shine Boutique, to review The Market Dress pdf pattern by Amelie and Henri Studios. There are so many girls' dress patterns available. And, for the most part many of them are somewhat similar, with slight variances. When Amelie and Henri posted a preview of their newest dress pattern, The Market Dress, I was giddy with excitement! It was so unique, so special and so in need of my sewing splendor. I am thankful and excited to review this pattern; I hope you enjoy my newest creation!


 This pattern would fall in the intermediate sewing skill range, as it requires button holes, pin tucks and a slightly complicated construction. The dress is meant to be layered, with the waistband falling right at the chest. There are two side pockets and buttons down the back. The straps can be left off for a high-waisted skirt option.


 The pattern designer did not included finished measurements for length, but you can choose your size based on the chest measurements provided. I chose to sew a 3T width with a 4T length since most vintage-inspired patterns tend to run a little on the short side and I didn't have time to sew up some coordinating bloomers. The back straps attach with hidden buttons. I would suggest having your child wear the dress as you pin the straps to ensure a perfect fit before attaching the buttons.


My daughter loves pockets, so when I showed her the sketch from the pattern she was in love!


 I would also suggest that you hem your skirt and underskirt pieces before gathering to attach them to the waistband. I have an easier time getting a nice straight hem when the skirt piece can lay flat, instead of after it has been gathered and sewn onto the bodice. The pattern includes drawings and real life photos to help walk you through the construction process. The instructions are included for creating the pin tucks for the straps and the waistband.


 I love the skirt, it is very full and the underskirt is a great place for accenting your main fabric with a great coordinate. I had envisioned a farm-country feel for this dress, so the light blue gingham was perfect for the underskirt and pockets.


 The pin tucks took a bit of time to create, but other than that the dress construction flowed easily. You could create this from cut to finish in about 2-3 hours.


 I am so thrilled with the final product, making it worth all those extra details and time to create. I look forward to sewing up another soon!