Trella Twirly Skirt by Sew Ninja

Hi everyone!  It's JaNette again......I LOVE when I get an assignment that uses up scraps!  Well, in my case, fat quarters since I'm making this for my 6 year old. Today I'll be sharing about the Trella Twirly Skirt and FOLDED KANZASHI FLOWER.


Ok first off I want to say THANK YOU to Sew Ninja for including a pattern to print AND measurements!  I literally squealed when  I saw both.  FINALLY!!!  Not everyone has a rotary cutter and not everyone likes to print squares and or rectangles.  Problem solved!  Just include BOTH measurements and pattern pieces and EVERYONE can make this! I personally don't like to waste the paper if I don't have to.  Anyway, on to the pattern.....

Check out that cute flower hair clip- another great scrapbuster!

Check out that cute flower hair clip- another great scrapbuster!


First off there are 3 different options to choose from.  For the sake of time, I chose option C. Options A and B feature horizontal and diagonal stripes which I will make once I sort through my huge pile of scraps. I did however use up some of my larger scrap pieces for the blocks on the bottom.

The size range is from 6 months to 7.  I made the 7 for Jenna so she can possibly wear this next year. She has been growing so much lately that most of her momma made stuff has become hand-me-downs.  The pattern gives you fabric requirements for all sizes, optional applique directions, the cutting guide or pattern pieces to print.

There are 2 different seam allowances used, but they are highlighted in the directions as you go along.  I would suggest reading over the tutorial first and decide which option you are going to make before cutting anything.  She has everything clearly marked as to which option the directions go to.... for example "Option A & B ONLY" or "Option C ONLY" and so on.

There are also instructions for 2 ways to prepare the waistband one that uses spray starch.  I used my ole creature of habit way of folding and pinning.  I will try the new way next time!

It's a fairly quick sew for the Option C and I would expect adding appliques to take a tad longer.  The possibilities are endless with this cute skirt! And we can never have enough skirts!  Especially twirly ones :)

Notice the adorable hair accessory? It a FOLDED KANZASHI FLOWER from Sunday Girl Designs, another great scrapbusting pattern.  The next time you will see miss Jenna wearing one it will be with shorter hair!!  Stay tuned :)

Until next time....