Lunch Bag Tote by Two Pretty Poppets

Today we get to take a look at a great staple for boys, girls, young and old... the Insulated Lunch Tote by Two Pretty Poppets.  My family loves to go on picnics at the park, and a necessity is a great insulated bag.  For now, I can get away with one family bag, but our needs will soon outgrow that!  This is a great sized bag, perfect for a summer day at the park, snacks on the go, or even keeping things cool on the way home from the grocery store.  Read Larissa's review and see how she made her own laminated fabric - I want to do that!!!!


Hey there! I'm Larissa, owner of and WAHM of an 11 year old girl and a 1 year old boy. Probably 2 of the hardest categories to sew for, tweens and boys! When I saw this insulated lunch bag tote from Two Pretty Poppets come up for review, I jumped at the chance! We always need bags or lunch pails for running to playgroup or homeschool activities. Well, then came the hard part. Who to make it for? I decided to go with the boy, as my girl has gotten quite a bit of stuff made for her lately. Then it came time to pick fabrics! I stopped off at our Local Joann Fabrics to look at what Laminated cotton they had....only to find out that they only sell it online, not in store! Back to the drawing board! I discovered Pellon Vinyl Fuse! I made my own laminated cotton!

How cute did this turn out?

On to the good stuff!

  • 16 page tutorial with a lot of details pictured for each step.
  • Hand drawn Pattern pieces are easy to assemble. Personally, I would have liked to have just had a chart that told me hat to cut with details on cutting the bag pieces (wider at the base)
  • Very generous in size! I followed the pattern exactly and ended up with a lunch tote.
  • Great instruction on sewing the straps on securely.
Here is a picture of how much I was able to fit with room to spare!

This will be great for going to park playdates, or day trips to the beach! I can fit lunch and snacks for both kids and myself in there!

My girl has now asked for one in "her fabrics". Do we need two? Probably not. Am I going to make her one? Of course!

I will leave you with more pictures!
Side view

Pretty sure he approves!

Homemade Laminated cotton! A whole world has opened up for me now!