The Perfect Puzzle Set by Hailey Bugs Closet

Today we take a look at a great new upcycling pattern from Hailey Bugs Closet: The Perfect Puzzle Set.  Now I am the girl who can not say no to an upcycling project - so you will be SHOCKED to find out that I made my dress out of fresh off the bolt gorgeous Riley Blake knit that I got from Whimsical Fabric.  It was just the perfect combination of fabrics and was begging me to make it into this dress.

puzzle dress-1009a.jpg

I was able to complete this dress in about an hour - now I work with knits a lot and have done similar dresses in the past, but it really just is that simple to make!  I love the option of the double tired skirt, and chose to make one solid and one paneled to incorporate all of the fabrics.  

puzzle dress-1004a.jpg

This is the size 3 on my daughter who fits solidly in a RTW 3... she is broad shouldered and barrel chested, so if you have a girl with a daintier build, make sure you check the measurement chart to ensure you are making the right size.  I love the length on this, perfect to wear with bloomers or leggings.

waving to dada

waving to dada

giving the wall a hug

giving the wall a hug

This pattern also includes instructions for making just a shirt or for making just a skirt as well - so great versatility in one pattern.  If you are looking to try your hand at a knit project, or have some old T-shirts that you wanted to work on an upcycle for, definitely consider giving the Perfect Puzzle a try!

puzzle dress-1001a.jpg

Now here are Melissa  and Theresa with all the nitty gritty details and a tone of variations on this pattern for your viewing pleasure!


Hello fellow PDF fans, Melissa VerHulst here from Three Dutch Divas.  

I am so excited to share a review of the new upcycle 
 knit pattern from Hailey Bugs Closet. 
It's called The Perfect Puzzle Set and can be found HERE!!!!

This adorable pattern comes in size ranges 12months to a girls size 12!! As if that huge size range is not enticing enough, this pattern includes a dress, a shirt and a skirt!! As an infomercial would say... bu-bu-bu-BUT WAIT, theres more! With the dress you have the option of a single skirt, layered skirt or a skirt made from panels! With the dress and shirt you get the options of making it sleeveless, short sleeved, long sleeved or layered short over long sleeve. 

Here are a few images of sleeve options. 

There is truly a different option to fit every style. As a mother of 3 girls I LOVE that! I constantly find myself buying patterns that I know I will only make for one of them. It was refreshing to get ONE PATTERN that I could use for all of them!!! Not only did it fit all of their sizes, I was able to tailor it to their individual style as well.  

 (left to Right) Natalie is wearing the sleeveless dress with single skirt, Allison is in an upcycled short sleeve shirt and Whitney is wearing the adorable twirl skirt with ruffle. 

I was able to upcycle a super cute shirt with this pattern for my little punker princess.

With a small modification I was also able to customize the back of it to truly fit her little trendy style! 

My littlest lady wanted a comfy princes dress, so a snow white inspired Perfect Puzzle upcycle was necessary. 

She also idolizes her brother and wants to play baseball just like him. To show off her tom boy side, I turned to the same pattern to make her a dress she could wear to cheer her brother on at his baseball games..... GO ROYALS!!!!

Finally my tweenage drama queen. I never get to sew for her because she is such a picky little fashionista. Here is another reason to call the puzzle set PERFECT. Armed with this pattern, I was able to sew up a dress that delighted my biggest critic. Apparently this dress is "totes adorable" and she already wants more! Score one for mama... FINALLY! 

The pattern pieces for this gem are printed over a light graph that makes it easy and simple to construct. 

It was correctly named the perfect puzzle because the pieces all go together flawlessly and sew up quick! 

I admit I own several upcycle patterns and I have either never used them, or made them once and never touched them again! I find that over kill of options makes them muddled and hard to interpret. This pattern was so straight forward and the instructions are so clearly worded that even an ambitious beginner could sew this up if they were willing to try!! 
I can't STOP using this pattern!! BEWARE... this pattern leads to the obsessive urge to upcycle everything!

If your not into all the upcycle jazz, it is a GREAT overall pattern for knits! With one pattern you can sew up a dress, shirt, or simple skirt. I am making my daughters tons of summer tank tops using the sleeveless shirt pattern! I already have a stack of solid colors that will go with everything all cut out on the cutting table waiting to be sewn up, so I'm out of here!! 
If your talking trendy, versatile and bang for your buck, you cannot beat the Perfect Puzzle Set! 



Hello again! Most of you probably know me by now. My name is Theresa. I am a stay at home,
homeschooling mom of six. I taught myself to sew about three years ago and I sew and pattern test
every free moment that I get. I am happy to be back to review for Pattern Revolution again. This time,I had the pleasure of testing and reviewing The Perfect Puzzle Set by Hailey Bugs Closet Patterns. Let me just say, this is an awesome, must have pattern!

The Perfect Puzzle Pattern Set is intended to be used with knit fabrics only. If you are new to sewing with knits, have no fear! There are tips, tricks and hints included for sewing with knits. The tutorial is thorough, clear and easy to follow. The instructions are very detailed. There are clear, step-by-step photos to aid in the understanding of these instructions. This pattern is great for all sewing levels.

The tutorial/pattern downloaded and printed easily. There are easy printing and assembly instructions included. The pattern pieces are very well drafted. They matched up perfectly and are nested, color coded, and clearly marked for each of the different sizes for easy cutting. There is a size chart with measurements to help you pick the perfect size and a chart of fabric requirements for each size. A large range of sizes are included in this pattern: 12 months – 11/12! You will use this pattern for years.

There are so many options in the Perfect Puzzle Pattern Set! It includes the patterns and instructions for making a dress, a skirt and a top, as well as hints on making a peplum tunic. The dress/shirt has an empire bodice with a patchwork construction using multiple fabrics but hints are included for making the bodice all one piece. The dress flounce or skirt can be made with a single fabric panel or with 8 panels in multiple fabrics. There are even hints on how to construct it with 16 panels. Since this pattern includes these instructions for piecing fabrics together it is great for upcycling or using up those left over scrap fabrics! You can get creative mixing and matching patterns and prints. You can piece them together with hidden seams or exposed seams.

The skirt is made with flounces, so no gathering. I LOVE flounces! There are two flounce lengths and you can do a single or double layer flounce with or without the optional ruffle. With all the sleeve options, this is a great all season pattern set! It can be made sleeveless, short sleeve, long sleeve or even with a double layer sleeve. You can choose to finish the sleeves with a hem, a cuff or binding. With all the options, each dress or set will be a special one of a kind creation!

I made the dress with a single fabric bodice with hemmed short sleeves and a single layer flounce
finished with a rolled hem. I also made the shirt in long sleeves paired with a single flounce skirt without the ruffle. I am thrilled with the final garments and so is my daughter. They fit true to size and look so cute on! I love the stylish look and my daughter loves how comfortable and fun they are. This was such a fun sew! I will definitely be making more of these!