Tilt N Twirl Dress by Mandy K Designs

Today we show off two versions of the beautiful Tilt n Twirl Dress by Mandy K Designs.  This is such a full dress with tons of room for personalization with mixed fabrics, and it will keep your little one twirling for hours!

Check out the full reviews by Nichole and Erica.....


Hey everyone! It's Nichole again, from Full of Grace Boutique

Super excited to be bringing you this review of The Tilt and Twirl Dress by Mandy K Designs. An asymmetrical circle skirt dress, featuring a ruched sash and sweet bias trim. Gorgeous, right? And this was my first time ever making something from her, and I was very pleasantly surprised. Really enjoyed the pattern and tutorial. Most of all, the end result!! 

So, lets break it down, shall we?

  • Size 12 months - 12, 18" doll INCLUDED
  • Size Chart, Yardage Chart (with bias amount needed...yay) 
  • Printing Chart per size....which I found to be a real treat because otherwise there are a LOT of pages.

  • Pictures for cutting instructions and layout. Pattern Pieces for Bodice, and both inner and outer skirt
  • Option and measurements for gathered skirt instead of circle skirts
  • Measurements for sash and skirt placket
  • Very detailed instructions along with pictures. 
  • MANY helpful links, including additional help for placket and making continuous bias. And fun fact, pattern links to the same tutorial for making continuous bias that I learned from. It's my favorite...I love making bias. I know, I'm weird.

A few tips that I think may help. If you are making the circle skirts, sew a simple stay stitch in the waist of the outer skirt. It will help the fabric from stretching too much from being cut on the bias partially. 

Overall, super happy with this pattern. The fit of the bodice was great for my daughter, and the measurements seem to be very accurate. She measured a size 2, spot on. So as suggested, I made the next size up and she has plenty of room to grow! This will be my go to bodice from now on, love the coverage. 

I'll leave you with a few more pictures!!

Hello sewing friends! My name is Erica Hill and I am an art educator, grad student, and sometimes seamstress. I love to sew dresses for my daughter. I was excited to get the chance to sew the Tilt and Twirl Dress from Mandy K designs. DSC_0069 I love that it looks fancy but isn't super ruffly or overdone. The bias trimmed skirt, ruched sash and asymmetrical skirt are all fun details that make the dress unique. The pattern goes from 12 months to 12 years and even includes an 18 inch doll pattern, which we will be sewing up next. Violet loves matching with her American Girls. I would recommend this pattern would for intermediate sewers due to the button or snap closures but if you are an adventurous beginner, go for it. The pattern is very detailed and there are pictures to go with each step. The pictures have lines of where you need to sew, which I think is quite helpful. There is a list of pages to print for the size you are making so that you can be more efficient. The pages lined up easily and i had no problem putting it together. The bodice is fully lined and top stitched, it looks very finished. The designer gives you several options for closures. I used Kam snaps, which worked well. The bodice has strips of fusible interfacing in the back to make the fabric sturdier for the snaps. DSC_0167 DSC_0172 The skirt was easy to make but expect to take some time to add the bias tape. It does add a nice touch of color so I think it is worth it. The sash has a ruched front which was easy to make and a nice detail. The pattern offers the option of doing a single circle skirt which would be very cute, as well. The only thing I did differently was eliminate the placket piece in the skirt. I found that the dress fit my daughter quite well without it. DSC_0018 (2) DSC_0078 DSC_0075 DSC_0050 (3)