Mannequin Display by Lily Pig Designs

This quick sew is going to make my life a lot easier at the next craft show!!!!  I made the size 1-2 Mannequin Display from Lily Pig Designs.  A lot of shop owners DO use mannequins to market their items.  I prefer showing an outfit's details on a person but in a pinch displays are the next best thing.  


front of dress display

front of dress display

This designer offers 2 PDFs one for smaller sizes and one for the larger sizes.  The smaller size group has a range from 6 months to 6 years.  She has conveniently grouped them 6-12 months, 1-2, 3-4, and 5-6.  I love that I don't have to make an individual size for each one.  The larger size group has a range from 8 years to 14 years and 1 yard of muslin fabric will make any of the sizes. Both PDFs have the option to make the mannequin to display dresses and skirts OR pants, shorts and rompers.  

back of dress display

back of dress display

The body is stuffed with polyfill and then closed with a drawstring at the bottom.  This is perfect! If it looses it's shape from use,  you can add more stuffing very easily.  The convenient casing makes it easy to remove the mannequin from the wooden dowel as well.  

Flutter top size 2

Flutter top size 2

For the stand, Mr. Merri went to Home Depot and bought a 7ft. by 1.5inch wooden dowel, (2) 1 inch by 4 inches 8ft pine boards , and 14 wood screws.  He spent under $12 and made 2 stands!!! So now I have to get another yard of muslin for my second stand.  

basic peasant dress size 2

basic peasant dress size 2

I love how inexpensive this ended up being and I can't wait to set up for the next show in the fall!!!

Until next time...


I'm Gloria Richardson, the blogger behind gloriajune.  I have been dabbling in sewing for more than 30 years, but I have never received proper training in the art of sewing.  I have many self-taught skills, which  may or may not be good (!), but I make myself happy with what I sew, and in the last few years, I've been sewing for our grandchildren and myself.

I have made lots of children's clothing and have just laid them out on the floor or have taken pictures of the garments on hangers.  At one point, I even turned a tomato cage upside down, padded it, and manipulated dresses and whatnot over it just to take a picture.

But not anymore!

I have just made my own Display Mannequin, 
with the PDF tutorial and pattern of the same name, by Lily Pig Designs. 

Don't be scared off by my less-than-perfect stuffing skills!  This Mannequin rocks!  
I made the size 5-6, the perfect size for our oldest grandchildren, a boy and girl. 

Here's the breakdown:

  • A beginner+ can rock this pattern! (one who has used a sewing machine, and is comfortable pinning and sewing lines and easy curves);
  • 5 color-coded pages to print for sizes 6-12 months through 5-6;
  • Two pattern pieces to cut out;
  • Options for displaying the mannequin for dresses and/or pants; (I used both casing options on my mannequin because they are separate from each other and do not disturb each other in placement.)
  • Woven fabrics are best for the beginner (an experienced sewist may get creative with burlap, decor fabrics, etc.).  I do not recommend a lightweight broadcloth--I used it for my mannequin and I would prefer a heavier weighted cotton that would withstand the stuffing phase.  I'm not good at stuffing!    
  • Depending on your skill level, it can take up to an hour (stuffing the mannequin may take time if you are a perfectionist or wanting to achieve the best look to display clothing for sale).

The designer is from the Netherlands, so you will find that her word choices are different than what we use in the United States.  You will see phrases like "stick the pieces together," which I know means to piece together or to lay on top of each other.  And, "turn out the right way," which I know means right side out. You can figure out the word choices!

The Fabric Requirements are given in centimeters.  You can easily access a measurement converter on the internet to convert to inches if necessary.  Round up is the rule of thumb!

There is no mention of how much polyfill or stuffing to buy -- it will vary upon the size you make.  I bought 20 ounces for my Size 5-6 Mannequin and used only 1/4 or so of the bag.

The directions are clear and pictures are included along the way.  Suggestions and photos for poles/stands are provided.  My husband used scraps from our wood collection.

I added a logo with my embroidery machine.  I think that would be great for those of you who wish to display your garments for sale!

This is where I chose to embroider a logo.  I don't sell clothes, but thought this may work for those of you who do!

A shirt for my grandson!

A dress for my granddaughter!

You can get closeups of details easily with the mannequin!

You'll be happy with this pattern!  I am glad I finally made one!

Happy Sewing!

Gloria June