Winter Wear Designs' Parisian Night(ie)s

{Robin} It's a pretty special day here at Pattern Revolution because I get to introduce a brand new pattern from Winter Wear Designs. You've probably been following Suzanne's work here at PR for the last year, so you already know she is uber talented in the sewing and photography departments. Now that she took Pattern Workshop, she's gained the confidence to step out into the world of pattern design, and is offering up her first fully graded women's pattern. The Parisian Nights pattern will be FREE for all Bundle UP purchasers and will be available for sale individually after the bundle event. Now, before I get all weepy and gushy about how proud I am of Suzanne, I'm going to pass this off to Becca for the full review.

Confession: I don't own pajamas. Somehow, every time I'm at the store and think "wouldn't it be nice to have grown up pjs??" I end up begging my infant son not to lick the shopping cart and chasing down my toddler all the way to checkout. Hours later when I crawl in bed, I pull on the same worn t-shirts from college and yoga pants and call it a night. 

So when THIS beauty hit my screen, I knew I had to squeeze in sewing time before bed:

This is the new summer pj pattern from my good friend Suzanne. (I know right? Gorgeous kids, sewing, photography, and NOW pattern making?? Go see this over achiever in action>>)

The set features a tank with a contrast yoke and flared shorts. Perfectly roomy for comfortable sleepwear, and modest enough to enjoy that first mug of coffee in *COUGH*or hangout all day in*COUGH*. 


  • Size XS-XXL
  • Digitally drafted pattern prints on 26 pages in B&W with clearly marked dashed lines for easy cutting
  • Easy to follow instructions with options for different hems and finishes
  • Size chart, yardage guide, and fabric suggestions included
  • Cutting chart for additional rectangular pieces



So there are two things about this pattern that may make you hesitant to give it a whirl:

  1. Knit bias bindings. 
  2. Super slippery mesh/lace.

Let me address those for ya. The magical solution to each? GLUE STICKS. My good friend Jeanine has been telling me about glue sticks for a while now, and I WISH I'd tried it sooner. When working with slippery fabric, this magical tool helps when pins cannot. My days of lump bias bindings and shifting slippery fabric are O. VER. 

With this tool in your tool belt, you can whip this set up in no time!

The pattern also includes additional instructions for a simpler single fold neck and armhole binding.  And if lace scares you a bit, you can always use the same knit or a contrasting one for your front yoke and back straps.  But seriously, try the glue stick!

Another "first" for me? Elastic lace. Don't sweat that either. The pattern suggested it as an alternative to the standard knit waistband, and it was so impossibly easy that I opted to trim my shorts with the leftovers!

So go ahead - grab some knit and sleep wrapped in some self-care love tonight. You'll have jammies before you know it :)


Becca DuVal

Hi there! I'm Becca: a wife, momma, and serial-crafter juggling a fancy camera, sewing machine, and preschool drop-off. Here you'll find the latest in my sewing exploits, portraiture projects, and family adventures!

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