Comfy Shorts by The Sewing Geek

Today we look at a pattern for BOYS!!!!  As a mama of two boys, I love finding boy patterns that are easy to whip up (have I mentioned that we are potty training????  Extra sets of shorts that are a quick sew are sooooooooooo in need for me right now!)   I made these Comfy Shorts by The Sewing Geek last year for Sewing to Rebuild, and absolutely LOVED them. 

Here are Rebecca and Kara to share their take on these  super fun shorts...


Hello! I'm Rebecca from Little Squash and I'm happy to share more about the Comfy Shorts by The Sewing Geek.

These were such a quick and easy sew! Once you determine the size of the pattern you need, follow the simple print, cut & tape directions. Checking pattern sizes against measurements is always important and kids vary so much in size, my ten year old is on the smaller side so he's in a size 5 shorts here.

The pocket is optional and there are three types to choose from - cargo pocket, flat pocket with flap closure and a regular flat pocket. We chose to use a flat pocket with flap closure. The directions are very easy to follow.

With an elastic waist band and simple hems this is a great item for any level of sewing experience. My son has already asked me to make more comfy shorts for him. You can use denim, woven cottons, seersucker, or linen fabrics for a variety of finished look options. Or go with flannel, knit or sweatshirt fabric for shorts to lounge around the house in. With the sizes of this pattern ranging from 3 months to 18 years I know I'll get a lot of use out of it, I'm sure you would as well.

Sewing Geek Comfy Shorts Review

by kara orr

My son still loves for me to sew for him but there aren't many patterns out there that go up to a 10 or 12.  I was soooooo excited when I found out the Comfy Shorts from Sewing Geek shorts range in size from 3 mths - 18.  Yup, teen sizes!!!!  That is exciting!

The Comfy Shorts are easy enough for a beginner but look professional.  The waist of the shorts is an elastic band. The pattern is printed out on 12 pages. 

There are a couple of options for the pocket.  I made the plain flat pocket but you can also add a pocket with a flap or a cargo pocket.

The Comfy Shorts are perfect back to school shorts.  The length is perfect and the fit is really good.  My son wore them to church this morning!  I don't have to worry about him wearing them to play in because I can easily make another pair if something happens.  

I was able to sew them up very quickly, about 30 minutes.  I used cotton but I think they would look great in knit as well.  You can make them with less than a yard of fabric.  For little boys, an appliqué on the pocket would be adorable!