Twirly Skort by The Sewing Geek

Today we take a look at the Twirly Skort by The Sewing Geek.  If you have a girl like mine, you know how hard it can be for them to wear skirts in daily life and play.  I have to find bloomers to go under every skirt - and I swear those things run away and go into hiding in the middle of the night!  The Twirly Skort is a circle skirt with attached shorts underneath - wohoooo, no more searching for the right bloomers or peek-a-boo underwear on the playground!

Here is Erica to share her full review and adorable skirt....


Hello friends! My name is Erica Hill and I reviewed the Twirly skort by Sewing Geek Patterns. This pattern came together so quickly! I would recommend it for someone who is trying to get more comfortable with knits or a quick sew for a comfortable skirt for your little girl. There are lots of tips for sewing with knits and the directions are detailed with pictures that have letter labels( like figure A) to correspond with the directions. There are charts for cutting if you want to cut the rectangles without printing, size charts, and overall, a very thorough pattern. This would be a good one to have in your repertoire to whip up a skirt or shorts, as needed. I appreciate the modesty of the shorts under the skirt and they are very easy to sew in. I have seen people asking about good back to school patterns and this is definitely one to make.

DSC_0209 (2)
DSC_0207 (2)

This pattern is suited for beginners. It took an hour, at most, total time to cut and sew the skirt together. I chose to not add pockets after my daughter said she didn't want them. I hemmed the shorts because they looked a little ragged but I didn't hem the skirt. I thought it looked ok without it. That is a nice part about knits, you don't have to hem but it does usually look a little more polished. The skort fit my daughter just like it should. I am very happy with the fit and drape of the skort.

  DSC_0245 (2)DSC_0243 (2)

The pattern has directions for making just a skirt, just shorts, a layered skirt, adding pockets, and adding length to the shorts or skirt. This allows for so much variation for you the seamstress. The pattern gives you directions for what pages to print depending on what you want to make. I love this- the last page is a run down of all the steps and so you could print that page and store it with your pieces and have everything you need. I suggest doing this after you have made the pattern once. The skort doesn't require a large amount of fabric and it would be a great project to up-cycle tee-shirts with. You could get really creative and use a lot of different colors if you make the tiered skirt. As I mentioned earlier, this pattern would be great for school. I decided to test how well the skort would hold up so we went to the school playground for a little fun.

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