Baby Cakes Romper by Ruby Jeans Closet

BABIES!!!!!!!!  Babies are so adorable, and even more adorable when they are in something as cute as the Baby Cakes Romper by Ruby Jeans Closet.  This is a perfect summer outfit for baby to beat the heat while staying comfy and cuddly!  Here is Erin to tell us all about the pattern and share her beautiful baby with us.....


Hi everyone, my name is Erin and I'm back after a looooooonnnnngggg hiatus to review the Baby Cakes Romper by Ruby Jeans Closet.  I have been pregnant (with super awful morning sickness) and having my 4th beautiful baby so this is one of the first things I've sewn in almost a year. Let me start by saying that this romper is so adorable and I have so many more planned for my little cutie.

Yeah, I know this doesn't really show off the romper a ton but I just love this picture so I had to put it in here. :)
I really love this pattern. First of all it's only 17 pages including the pattern pieces. I only print off the pattern pieces and read the instructions off of my computer but I know some people like to print off the whole pattern so 17 pages is awesome!What's even better is that everything printed off and lined up perfectly. I had this puppy printed, taped and traced in under 15 minutes and that's really good for me because I am super slow at that stuff. I also love how simple it is. No ruffles, gathering or shirring just basic sewing, one piece of interfacing, and a little bit of elastic. It does require buttonholes if you put buttons on the straps but I chose not to go that route. I really don't like having buttons that close to my baby's mouth so I decided to sew the straps on and it still fits over her head no problem.

 My favorite thing about this romper is how quick it was to sew. I have 4 kids and one of them is a very hungry newborn so I don't have a ton of sewing time. I made this over 2 days during Charlotte's very short sleeping window and I never felt like I was rushing to get it finished.

 Now, I will say I was worried about the bow on the back before I made the romper. I thought it might bother her in the car seat but it's so thin that it doesn't seem to bother her at all or if you would feel better about it you can leave it off. The straps are sewn onto the waist before you tie the bow so it is really only there for show.

My only complaint is that it only goes up to 24 months. I would love to make this for my 4 year old. This has officially become my favorite romper pattern and I would highly recommend it to everyone. Simple, quick and cute! It doesn't get much better than that.