Dorian Bag by Swoon

Today we take a look at the brand new release from Swoon Patterns - the Dorian Bag.   This is a hot new unisex bag perfect for all ages and stages of life, win your very own copy of the pattern by entering below!!!!!


Dorian is a gender neutral forerunner.

Dorian can be made with any fabric:
  • Classic with leather
  • hip with canvas
  • laminate for mommas
  • or fun with printed cotton.
Courier bags are always in style!

When I make a bag; I like to dream up it's personality.
I think Dorian has the Dorian Gray syndrome.  Who has read Oscar Wilde's "The Picture of Dorian Gray"?
Basically, it's about a man, Dorian Gray,  who was head over heels in love with himself.  He sold his soul and was granted a wish that made his portrait on the wall age, but not himself-forever beauty.  Of course the story does not end well, but that's not the point.  Dorian Messenger Bag is in love with himself (or herself) and he has a right to be.  Just look at those features.  Always classic, never aging, and ready to partake in any rendezvous.

Now that we understand how Dorian feels about himself, let's talk about those attractive features:

First, Dorian is a very easy and fast sew. I would say 4 hours tops.  That's pretty quick for a bag.

Second, because it's easy, Dorian is a good bag to start with if you have never made a bag.  
The zipper pouch is optional and piping is actually NOT included in the pattern.  Basically, you are just sewing all the panels together!

 Hardware:  two 1.5" rectangle loops, 1.5" strap slide and 
two magnetic snaps OR one turn lock OR two release buckles.
Snaps, slides and loops SHOULD be available at your local fabric store, so no ordering required!

Fabric: 2 1/3 yards total plus the appropriate interfacing, stabilizer, and fusible fleece

Other features: The flap keeps your junk in (can't say that about my jeans), but the short flap makes accessing the exterior slip pockets easy.  The interior also has two slip pockets.  I put a zipper pocket on the back exterior because I always find those handy.  An interior zipper pocket can very easily be added, if desired. 

9.5" tall
13" wide

Dorian is perfect for any student, commuter, diaper bag momma, or professional.  I'm in none of the above categories and I still carry it.  I stand corrected, Dorian is perfect for everyone.

Terrible action shots.  It was wicked hot at 8am plus the high humidity and gnats were sticking to my lip gloss...triple EWWW!

Are you Swooning yet?

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