Sunsuit Pattern by Blissful Sewing Patterns

Today we take a look at an awesome summer staple - the Sunsuit.  Sunsuits beat the heat, add ruffalicious flair to your daughter's wardrobe, and are fairly easy to whip up.  The Sunsuit Pattern by Blissful Sewing Patterns may just be the perfect addition to your pattern collection - grab yours for 40% off in the Etsy shop. The code is CIJ2014 and is valid till nextTuesday, 7/15/2014 (coupon is good for anything in the shop).

Check out Melissa's Sunsuit and full review.....


Hey there, Melissa here with a review of  Blissful Sewing Patterns, Sunsuit pattern. 
With summer in full swing, I was excited to sew up something comfy my girl could wear to beat the heat. Here is the Minnie Mouse Sunsuit I made my little lady!

When it comes to certain popular styles like sun suits, ruffle pants and anything peasant there is such a wide selection of patterns out there that it has to have something special to make them stand out!  Since I already own another Sunsuit pattern that is almost identical but with a bit larger size range, I was eager to see how this one measured up. Here's how mine came out!

This pattern has a few hits and misses! 
The pattern directions were well written and had options for a single pattern piece or a split version that would allow for crotch snaps. The snap version would be great for diaper changes! Since my daughter is 3 years old and potty trained I opted for the one piece suit. The one piece, might be where some of my "sizing" issues come in. This pattern is newborn-2t.  I found the pattern  sizing to be spot on! The fit was good and roomy on my daughter  who wears a solid 2t, however it was very baggy at her crotch. I am not sure if it was the one size fits all-ness of the pattern piece or if it was drafted to accommodate a diaper, and since she doesn't wear one the fabric collected there - I think for any child in diapers, the fit would be fine.

My favorite part of this adorable outfit was the ruffles across the back! How cute are these!!

Not to mention a long neck tie for a huge bow :)

I love the adorable little touch, but my one complaint was how low the ruffles hang when the outfit is worn. I think the placement of ruffles is better suited for the sizes of a baby. 
I think on a smaller size, they would be adorable. The pattern has the ruffle placement  in the same place on all sizes, so a larger size has all the ruffles really low on the back panel, while a smaller size would have them looking more evenly distributed since the panel is smaller. From the back it looks super cute, however from the front and side it hangs a bit low on my girl. 

After doing the red ruffles by folding, ironing, folding and hemming, the way the pattern calls for ,I got lazy and rolled the hem on the black one. This pattern does not give an option to roll hems, so if you choose to do so you will need to adjust your ruffle length accordingly, if you choose to roll the hem instead of the classic turned hems. 

The pattern pieces are nested, print well and tape together flawlessly. The directions are easy to follow and it even tells you how to create your own bias tape. As far at this pattern goes, if you like the look, you will not be disappointed. When I make another one, I will trim some of the excess fabric out from between her legs since she is no longer in diapers, and I will modify the ruffles to move them up a couple inches higher - easy fixes for a custom sunsuit!  Sunsuits are sew adorable, and perfect for hot summer days!