Aviator Pants by Winter Wear Designs (Bundle UP)

We continue our deeper look at the Boy's BundleUP that is coming to an internet near you on August 22nd.

Today's pattern is the Aviator Pants by Winter Wear Designs.  If your boy likes comfort, but you crave some style, this is the perfect compromise: a sweatpant with all the finishes and details of a modern fashion pant. With a size range of 18m to 14, even the tweens can get in on this pattern.

Here is Katie to share her review and her handsome boy....


Hi, I am Katie, sewing mama to two boys and one little lady. I have been eagerly awaiting the Boy's Bundle Up, because I just don't ever feel really inspired to sew for my boys. I sew everything under the sun for my daughter, and those poor boys get ignored in my sewing room.  Seeing all the fabulous and unique boy patterns in this bundle has gotten my creative juices flowing again! Today I am reviewing the Aviator pants by Winter Wear Designs.

When I first saw these pants, I was floored by how unique they are, and how full of creative detail. I knew I had to make them for my oldest son. He's very particular about his clothes and the way they fit (he won't wear a lot of things because they "don't feel good"). I knew he would love the comfort of the yoga waistband and the fact that they are sweatpants, but look like cargo pants. I showed him the picture and he was beyond excited for me to make them for him.

He wears size 8 in most ready-to-wear (he'll be 8 in September), so I was glad I took measurements instead of just assuming. I ended up making the 10 for fit and the 8 for length. He does have a bit of junk in his trunk (he gets it from his mama), so the 10 ended up being a perfect fit. So perfect, that he said, "woah, these are comfy. I love these." and left them on for the rest of the evening. That NEVER happens. Win!

Now that we all know how much Jackson and mommy love the Aviator pants, let's get to some pattern details:
  • Covers sizes 18m - 14, and the styling of these are great for all of those ages.
  • Size and fabric requirement charts are provided.
  • Measurements are given for rectangular shapes AND printed on the pattern pieces (so you don't have to write them down). 
  • The pattern pieces are printed on 15 pages and are easily assembled with numbered pages and notches to match up. A printing guide is included to let you know which pages to print.
  • The pattern pieces are nested using varying dotted lines to indicate size.
  • This is an intermediate pattern based on some of the techniques (such as the welt pocket). By leaving off some of the details, this can easily be an advanced beginner pattern for those who are comfortable with knit.
  • Comes with all sorts of options: slash pockets, welt pockets, cargo pockets, and a cool contrasting fabric triangle detail at the bottom. I opted for them ALL! The waistband can either be a regular yoga style waistband (this is what I did), or you can add elastic into the waistband.
  • I wouldn't call this one a quick sew. These pants have so many details (and it was my first time doing welt pockets), it took me almost 3 hours (with kid interruptions) to finish them. I know they'll be faster on the next pair I am planning for my youngest son.

    This was a fun project for me, and I even picked up some new tricks and methods. Best of all, I finally found something that he will not only wear, but love! I am all ready to Bundle Up and get going on a handmade wardrobe for my boys. Happy sewing!