Skye By Blaverry

Not long ago, the feed in my review group blew up with photos from a new pattern shop, Blaverry. The ladies were excited to get a taste of a fresh, new designer, especially one with such an eye for detail in the finished garments.  We ended up sewing the entire line, and the end results are exactly as promised in the Etsy shop- they look like high end commercial garments from famous name designers. They don't look homemade, handmade, or even boutiquey (totally made that word up, but I know that you know exactly what I am talking about!). When the team got started on sewing the patterns, they immediately noticed that these patterns were different from most of the PDFs we have ever reviewed. They seemed a lot more like commercial patterns in their style; however the fit was spot on which typically is a trouble spot for some commercially produced patterns.  One of the primary goals of Pattern Revolution is to be a resource and support for both new designers and new seamstresses to help them grow. Over the last  month, the team has given Christie feedback about the expectations of PDF consumers vs. commercial pattern purchasers.  In addition, Christie is currently enrolled in Pattern Workshop and is working on putting everything she has learned into her next line. We are so excited to see what she comes up with next. You can see the rest of this line and more of my own thoughts on Blaverry in the giveaway post HERE.  


Hi there, I am Alexis from My Sweet Sunshine. I am excited to be here on Pattern Revolution to review Skye by Blaverry. Christie from Blaverry has reopened her shop on Etsy after stepping away for a bit and is now offering 9 new adorable patterns in her Anchors Away Collection. Alright, let's get to it....

I have been hoarding this blue floral fabric from Girl Charlee and the stripe fabric from Funkalicious on Etsy.

Isn't this dress so stinkin cute! When our team was deciding which patterns to sew up for this review, I immediately jumped on the Skye Pattern. I love the nautical details and I knew my daughter would love the front pocket. Great place to hold a little kid's stuffed animal or a big kid's cell phone.

Nitty Gritty on the Skye Pattern:

*Large Sizes Range- 2T-12yr

*3/4 sleeve length

*Dress hits above the knee

*Fitted Knit Dress

*Pocket in front

*Serger is needed for this pattern per instructions

*Double Needle needed to finish hems

*Nautical Style Dress

*6 Buttons

*All pattern pieces included in the pdf

*Currently need a license to sell these patterns

Printing- It is best to read the printing instructions first so you set your printer properties correctly. This pattern requires some specific settings of page size to make it work correctly. Also, you have to have the latest version of Adobe running on your computer. After the pattern pages are trimmed, line 'em up, tape and cut the correct size. Now you're ready to go.

Fit of the Skye Dress Pattern- My Daughter was a perfect fit for the size 8. She is a petite age 10 (going on 35) and wears a size 8 in RTW (Ready To Wear) clothing. The dress fits easily over head. The instructions include waist, chest and finish length measurements so check through that first before choosing your size.

About the Skye Pattern: Since my initial feedback, Christie has gone back and fine tuned a few details on the Skye pattern. This pattern is best suited for a confident Beginner/Intermediate Home Seamstress with knowledge of knits and experience with a serger. You can, of course, modify the instructions to use a sewing machine. The Skye written instructions are concise (brief and to the point). I am more of a visual learner anyway, so I worked mostly off of the pictures as there is not a lot of detail in the written instructions. Her shop does mention that her patterns, designs and construction techniques are more typical of commercial patterns than most PDFs. I found the pictures to be clear and easy to follow. It only took me about 1 1/2 hrs to complete the dress (with a few cupcake breaks in between). Time well spent in both cases ;) Thank you Christie of Blaverry and Pattern Revolution for giving me the opportunity to review the Skye Pattern. I have to also thank Kara, Cassie, Paige and Gabriel. I enjoyed bonding with you ladies over these nine patterns! LOOK MARY POPPINS...