Sleepy Bear PJs and Robe by Ellie Inspired

Good Morning!!!  How did you sleep?  More importantly how did those little ones sleep???  Well I am sure they would be sleeping even better in the Sleepy Bear PJ's by Ellie Inspired - the next pattern included in the Boys BundleUP collection.  And even if they don't sleep well, maybe your forgive them because they are just sooooooo cute!

This set includes a V neck T, loose fitting PJ pants, and a great hooded robe.  Check out Crystal's full review and her adorable set.....


Hi Pattern Revolution! It’s Crystal, from Stitched by Crystal. I am so excited about the boys Bundle UP coming next week.  Inspiring boy patterns can be so hard to find, but this bundle is full of them!  Every single pattern is something I want to sew for my boy!  And today I get to share one of the patterns with adorable boys PJ set pattern, the Sleepy Bear PJs by Ellie Inspired that will be included in the bundle. 


This pattern includes THREE pieces, a basic wide leg elastic waist pant, a v-neck shirt and a long hooded robe. The Pj’s can be made with knit fabric, or a knit shirt and woven pants like I used, and the robe can made with any medium weight fabric, I chose a red microfleece.


Let me give you all the details on this pattern…
  • Pattern for sizes 1 all the way to 16!
  • Fabric requirement chart.
  • Finished measurement chart.
  • There are 60 pattern pages to print for all three pieces, so this pattern is a bit of a paper hog.  But you can print the pattern for all three pieces or just print one of the three if you want.
  • Pattern pieces are all in black and white which I love because I don’t print in color.
  • Pieces are nested with different dotted lines to distinguish the sizes; it is easy to assemble and to cut your desired size.
  • Measurements are given for  the rectangular pieces.
  • Optional shirt pocket and back pocket for the pants
  • All three pieces are a fairly quick sew, I had my whole set done in about 2 hours.
  • The pattern has diagrams for each step.  The diagrams are great for most steps, but I think I would have preferred a photo or 2 to help me through a few steps.
  • I think this pattern would be suitable for any advanced or adventurous beginner.  While the pieces are simple to sew, I think a true beginner might need a bit of help working through this pattern between working with knit, bindings, and a V neck.

I originally sewed my son a size 4 shirt, since that is the size I normally make him, but it was too fitted for my taste, and a bit shorter than what I usually have him wear.  Never one to be discouraged, I sewed up another in a size 5 with a touch extra length and it is exactly the fit I was looking for.  The size 4 pants are a little large, but I always like some growing room, and find most pajama pants are a bit roomy!  It is awesome how PDF patterns allow you to mix sizes to get a whole outfit that fits rather than off the rack where you are stuck with what you get.  The fit of the robe is great, it even has plenty of hood room for my toddlers big noggin!

The pattern has a finished garment measurement chart as I mentioned above rather than a chart to check your child’s measurements.  To get a great fit, you can easily measure a shirt and pair of pants that fit your child well and compare those measurements to the finished measurement chart - and voila, perfect PJ's.


I struggled a bit with the V-neck collar on the shirt.  This was my first time doing a collar like this and I found the instructions in the pattern just weren’t quite enough for a first timer on that step.  I ended up looking up a tutorial online to help me through.  The pattern has since been updated with a bit more instruction for that step - so awesome when a designer responds so quickly to feedback!

These PJ’s turned out so cute and will be perfect for my boy this fall, but also work through the winter with that adorable robe!  Make sure you check out this pattern and all the other great boy patterns in the Bundle UP bundle on the 22nd!