Zander's Hoodie by Everything Your Mama Made

Today we take a look at the next feature in the Boy's BundleUP collection.  Looking for something warm to wear with fall right around the corner?  Look no further than the Zander's Hoodie by Everything Your Mama Made - an asymmetrical zip hoodie that can be made in sweatshirt material or fleece and also has a vest option, so cool!

Nichole is here to show off how much her tween loves his hoodie and to give you the pattern deets....


Boys Bundle!!!! Enough said, right?! 

Hey, it's Nichole from Full of Grace Boutique, back with a really fun review this time! I'll admit, I'm not a huge fan of sewing from my son. Why? Well, he is never happy with anything I make, or offer to make. He's 11. Again, enough said. BUT, I saw this hoodie, and I knew I'd score some major points with it. He was a little concerned about the asymetrical zipper, but that's because he is a boy, and doesn't understand fashion. ;) He's completely in love with the final product, and seriously, who can blame him? 

So, the pattern. Let's get to it, shall we? I was a little nervous I'd be able to pull this off, but worry not, the directions were wonderful. Here is a little run down of the pattern.

  • First of all, this can be made as a jacket, or a vest. Sweet. Both lined, except the sleeves on jacket aren't lined. 
  • Huge size range...0-3 months through 18! Yes!! 
  • Size chart and yardage estimate. I found both to be spot on, and I blended sizes for a better fit.
  • 34 pages for the pattern pieces. BUT, they tape together very quickly, no cutting. Love putting her patterns together. 
  • She includes a fabric cutting guide, and follow it. I goofed and placed my band down incorrectly, but thankfully I had enough to cut another! 
  • Directions are thorough, but not too lengthly. She does include a more detailed breakdown of sewing the lining together. 
  • Time invested...this one took me a while. But I have no doubt that my next one will go much much quicker. I spent two afternoons working on this one. 
  • I would consider this pattern, intermediate. Based on the zipper install and the sewing the lining in process. (Here's a tip...baste your zipper in until you get the placement perfected. I had to take my zipper out twice to get my pockets and band lined up perfectly.)
I'm totally loving this jacket. And I absolutely plan on making one for my little girl as well! I made mine with anti pill fleece and jersey lining. Next time, I will splurge and get some nice sweatshirt fleece, I've already got it picked out! 

Hope you all are taking advantage of the awesome Boy's Bundle and happy sewing!!