Tank & Boxer Set by Jocole

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup next in our Boy's BundleUP Collection - the Tank and Boxer Set by Jocole.  This is Jocole's first pattern for boys, and you can rest assured that all the things you love about Jodi's patterns for girls and women are included in this pattern too.

Here is Katie to show off her creation and share all the details about the pattern with you...


Hi there! My name is Katie, and earlier this week, I reviewed the Winter Wear Designs Aviator pants for my oldest (and picky) boy from the Bundle Up. We both loved them sooo much, and I am equally as excited for the pattern I am reviewing today. I saw this pattern and immediately thought of my youngest son; it is so him. He's the one who comes home from school and strips down to boxers immediately. He's a creature of comfort and complains the most about getting dressed in the mornings. His favorite "outfit" happens to be a Spongebob boxer/tank set that he tries to wear everywhere. Sadly, he's outgrowing it, so I was super psyched to see Jocole's newest pattern! I brought him with me to pick out fabrics (he happens to be owl obsessed) and we were both very excited for the finished product!

Meet "Blankie". And "Tickle Ear". Both have been around since 2008.

He just turned 6 on Thursday (and he has a twin sister, so it was a big week for us!), but he's a skinny little thing. I made him the size 5 (after checking measurements according to the pattern), and the fit is absolute perfection! These are also another super fast Jocole pattern. I started timing myself after printing and taping, but prior to cutting out the fabric; and cutting and sewing the boxers and the tank took me 50 minutes total. I am a fast sewer, but I was planning on a lot longer to finish these. I had him try them on and he didn't want to take them off...so I let him wear it to the grocery store.

So, here's the rundown on this fantastic pattern:
  • Comes in sizes 6m - 18!!! Seriously, I am already thinking about adapting the size 18 to fit my husband because he was super impressed with the professional look of these.
  • The pattern pieces print on 14 pages. The pattern pieces are nested and color coded (and dashed lines) for size. Normally I am all about the dashed lines because I print B&W, but my printer was out of black ink, so I was super happy that she has both options this time :)
  • Measurements are given for the elastic and tank top binding pieces (and are also repeated on the pattern pieces so you never have to scroll back up, or write anything down).

  • A measurement chart is provided, as well as a fabric yardage chart. The tank is a knit top, and the boxers are meant for wovens (I made the shorts with flannel).
  • As usual with Jocole patterns, the pieces are easy to tape together, according to numbered pages and triangles to match up on each page.
  • The boxers have an option for an extended facing for the fly, with button closure. I love the professional appearance of this, especially for gift giving. Being that my little guy attempts to get away with wearing this kind of stuff in public, I opted to forego this option this time.
  • The designer provides a link to many various binding options on the tank (including FOE), so you can pick your favorite way to attach the binding. I went with the basic, and I am SUPER happy with the professional look of his tank top.
  • Both the tank and the boxers can be made by a beginner sewist.

Teague was super happy to try this on and ended up wearing it for the rest of the day and at bedtime, so I'd say it's another win. Fast, easy and fun, this pattern should definitely be a part of your Bundle Up!