The French Market Shorts by Seamingly Smitten

I had a plan all laid out in my mind for this pattern was going to be THE BEST pattern review that I had submitted to date.....I mean, hey....I have two whole weeks to get it done...the pattern looked easy...the fabric and notions were already in my studio....what could happen to get this chick side tracked from submitting the MOTHER of all pattern reviews..... Well...what could happen...did happen!!! But that's life....and the girls and I have learned very well the last two years that we gotta roll with the punches....whatever life throws our way...we keep on trucking!!! My original plan was to sew up a pair of these shorts for both myself AND my oldest daughter.....we were going to do a mommy daughter photo shoot with our hot little shorts....we were going to have a blast...
Then we found out that our local preforming arts center was holding auditions for Hansel and Gretel which was being put on by The Missoula Children's Theater and they both HAD to audition....and wouldn't ya know....they both got parts! I had one Walleybird, one New Camper, and a whirlwind week of back and forth to practice...late nights and early mornings....rehersing lines....costumes....dinner the list goes on...but it was worth it to see my baby girls on the big stage! Their first play that they actually had to audition for....and they nailed it! So...the French Market Shorts got put on the back burner for the first week... Second week....that's plenty of's plenty of time unless you and every single person in your house hold is sick and you spend the week trying to get everyone well only to come down with the same crappy crap crap they had....oh well....I did find and awesome chicken noodle soup recipe that is THE something good came out of all this nasty sickness....yummo soup!!! So now we are down to the wire....and if I am to be honest...I could have whipped up two pairs of these shorts in no time flat! This is a GREAT and great for a beginner sewist but fun for experienced sewists as well!!!
But since I am still recovering from this nastiness that seems to be going eyes are nose and upper lip are so red there isn't enough concealer to cover it skin is dry and flakey....and lets face it....I am not a professional photographer nor am I a master of editing so this sick mamma stayed behind the camera and I let my kiddo strut her stuff....and boy did she love love love these shorts!!!
I know you are probably thinking...."'s too late in the season for shorts"....but it's not!!!! It's NEVER to late for shorts!!! Now I have to admit....with the heat index, it was well over 100 degrees last night when I took these pictures....and the mosquitos were ruthless...and the sweat was dripping....but we got it done...we were able to pull off a fun fall trend in the over 100 degree heat!!! Of course there was plenty of whining.....a few tears....and maybe I made a few promises of a $1.99 happy meal from McDonalds....but we got it done!!!
How cute would these be in a light weight wool with tights and a sweater and BOOTS!!!! We love love love boots!!!!
This pattern is expertly written! It was so easy to follow with enough detail for beginners but not so much detail that someone who's been sewing for any length of time gets annoyed by it! (hee hee hee)
The pages were numbered.....the pattern was color coordinated by size which for me it a HUGE bonus....for some reason my brain does not like to process black dots of different sizes so I really love the color!!! Of course this is always a personal preference!
The size range is GREAT! XS to XXXL so you really get your bang for your buck! My 9 year old is TALL...with a booty (that's an attribute that I passed along to her...we do have some junk in our trunks!) she is wearing womens' clothing...and I love this pattern not only for the sizing but for the fact that there are 3 different inseams (4 inches, 6 inches, and 8 inches) and hem lengths for petite, tall, and regular! You can really custom fit these shorts. I get to have short shorts and I can use the same pattern for miss fancy pants for school shorts! Woo hoo!!! (doesn't she look like she is about to murder me in this picture?!?!?!)
I also have to this is a shocker....this is my very first adult pattern! And now I'm hooked on making stuff for my oldest and myself....I really am still going to make a pair of these for me so her and I can still do our photo shoot together! 
The fit on there are spot on! The instructions include a table with measurements for the different sizes as well as a chart for the approximate yardage that you will need!
There is really nothing bad I can say about this pattern! I see lots of these French Market shorts in our future...for the little and for me!!!
Well written pattern, plenty of detail, great fit, easy and fast sew (I seriously finished these in just a little over an hour from printing the pattern to hemming them up and I was hopped up on some cold meds to boot!) and these can seriously be worn close to year round!!! This is going to be a staple to your wardrobe!!! 
Now go out and get this pattern and do a little self  care sewing...of course if your house is like my house you might have to make more than one pair for the other divas in your household!!! 
We love our French Market Shorts!!!