Sassafras Ruffle Skirt by LilyGiggle

The LilyGiggle Petal pants were the very first knit pattern I ever sewed and I immediately fell in love. Like many of you, I was a bit heartbroken to hear that Beth was taking some time off from pattern making/selling last year, but ever since then I have been counting down the days until her return! A whole new line is being released and we've got 2 reviews of the cutest ruffle skirt you've ever seen, plus, be sure to enter to win the whole new collection below! Here are Nichole and Melissa to tell you about the latest LilyGiggle pattern, the Sassafras Skirt.. 

Hey all! I'm Nichole, from Full of Grace Boutique. It's been a little while since I've been by here to write up a review. And I'm soooo excited to be back for this one. One of my favorite designers,  LilyGiggle, is back in business. Woohoo!!! Beth's patterns were my first at sewing knits, (and thankfully I didn't know to even be intimidated by knits) and I dove in and never looked back. So I'll always have a special place in my sewing heart for LilyGiggle. 

Anyhow, she is bringing some of her favorite patterns back, along with some great new ones. And that is what I am here testing. Her adorable new layered skirt. Such a quick, fun sew. And guess what?? I was able to make this whole outfit from my Mystery Mix 1/4 yard bundle from Girl Charlee. How awesome is that?! That has been on of my favorite purchases from them!!

Here is a quick breakdown of the pattern:

  • Quick print and taping of the pattern. Goes together perfectly
  • Includes layers so you can choose which size to print, and only print that size. Love this feature.
  • Size Chart, Finished Measurement Chart, and Yardage Chart
  • A rundown of working with knits. Great information!
  • Perhaps my FAVORITE...a quick guide if you want to skip all the pictures and just need a quick reminder.
  • Tutorial itself is wonderful...great, clear pictures with excellent instructions and lots of great tips!
  • Goes together quickly once you get past those pesky ruffles. ;)

Options of adding a bow or button for some embellishment. 

I found the fit to be spot on as well. My daughter loves this skirt, she has already requested to wear it again tomorrow...and that never happens. It's very "comfy" she says. Win for mom!! 

So run, don't walk, and get yourself some Lilygiggle goodies. This skirt is a welcomed addition to her wardrobe! 


I'm Melissa, mom of 5 kids, and woman behind the scenes at Sassy-Fras.   I'm also a lucky gal who was able to review the LilyGiggle Ruffle Skirt...A super fun skirt that even tweens will request.

The pattern includes sizes 2-12 all in one pattern, with sizes nested on the pattern sheets. As a mom of several kids, that means I can print once & have all sizes! As an added bonus, if you're only sewing for one child or reprint each time you sew, you can print just the size you need through the magic of layers. If you choose to print in the standard format with sizes nested, the sizes are differentiated by different colors with easy to follow lines.

My favorite feature is the abridged version of directions! For those who have been sewing a while, being told "Sew this, then that, and then this" is sometimes all you want to know without reading through pages of directions. Or, if you like to print & read, simply printing that version would save a lot of paper. However, the pattern does have very great step by step, expanded directions suitable for a beginner with helpful tips on how to sew knits and more!

The garment itself? HOLY RUFFLES! That is what gives it the fabulous look, of course... but if one is a "I just cannot find the rotary cutter love" seamstress like me, and sewing for a size 12 child, this can be a hair pulling out moment. Totally worth it, though.

It's also a great way to use up some knit that you love the look of but it's too tissue thin or curly to be used in other methods! Definitely a pattern I'll be making again (and my 16 year old - too cool for everything - daughter has asked if it comes in her size!)

Enter to win the whole new LilyGiggle Collection below!