Sedona Vest by My Little Plumcake

Sometimes, on rare occasions, you get a spark of something and your mind just won't let it go until you make it happen. Today's review of the My Little Plumcake Sedona Vest is my latest sewing project that would not stop haunting me until I caved. Inspiration did take a while and I really didn't feel a drive to work on this one when Suzanne first posted the call for the review. After thinking about it for a while and thinking outside the box of fabrics I normally work with, a vision was born and I ran with it.

Vest: Outer swirly faux fur/Inner micro fleece- JoAnn, Dress: Jujube by Lily Giggle, fabric from Purple Seamstress and Joann, Leggings: Petunia Petals by Lily Giggle (minus the petals!), fabric from Purple Seamstress

The Sedona Vest from My Little Plumcake is a great accessory to pair with any of your Fall outfits. Depending on the fabrics you choose, it can be a warm and cozy cover up or a light weight layer for any of the many activities that the season has to offer.  My idea was to go more for fashion than practicality, but in reality, it proved to be pretty functional, after all. I used this swirly faux fur and lined it with a super soft, black micro fleece.  I did make a few adaptations, but before I get to that, let me tell you more about the pattern.

The Sedona Vest

  • accommodates sizes 18M-8.
  • has printable pattern pieces.
  • can be sewn with a variety of fabrics, including wool, suede, leather, and fleece.
  • contains step by step instructions with full color pictures.
  • tips for sewing with specific fabrics.
  • is a relatively easy sew for an adventurous beginner.

Overall, I was very happy with the results of this vest, despite not having worked with faux fur before.  There were a few things I had to change in the construction of the garment, mostly due to my change of fabric, but they were due to my preference in what worked with my chosen fabrics. Instead of using leather triangle pieces to hold the loops, I secured them in the seam between the outer and lining fabrics.  If you choose to do this, I recommend subtracting some length from the loops. I really do love how the fur turned out, but I will probably never willingly choose to sew with it again. I'm likely going to be coughing up hairballs for at least the next week. All jokes aside, I'm looking forward to doing this vest in fleece as the weather turns colder.

See? Even in our town, this quirky art shop agrees that you NEED THIS VEST!!!

Oh, don't mind me. I'm just standing here, looking uber cool in my Sedona Vest. Carry on.

Thanks so much to Michelle for this fun sew and for a chance to dream a little with her pattern. I have a feeling we're going to be seeing a LOT of this little number!