Flutter-By top Ruby Jeans Closet

Summer is officially done in the northern hemisphere, which means it is just about to start for our neighbors to the south.  This great pattern will work for us all.  A simple top with a unique neckline, and plenty of room for expressing your style through fabric, trims, maybe even a pocket or applique!

For those headed into fall, pair this adorable top with a jean jacket and some adorable pants, or make the dress and layer it over a fitted long sleeve top and leggings with boots - so many options, and of course it looks adorable by itself too.

Check out Janette's review of the Flutter-by Top and Dress by Ruby Jeans Closet....


Hey it's fall ya'll!  But you can't tell that from these pictures.......

That's right...I live in Virginia where fall gets confused with summer!  One day it's a blazing hot inferno and the next we are turning on the heated seats in the car. 

This adorable ruffle top by Ruby Jean's Closet is perfect for those "I'm not sure what season we are in" fall days!!!  It's a pretty simple sew and reminds me of a modernized pillowcase type of dress/top.  The nested pattern comes in sizes 1-8. There is bias tape to sew on which takes the longest, especially if you are making your own.


Once you get the bias sewn on and the elastic through the casing, you are basically done!  That is seriously the hardest part but isn't hard at all. 

What a simply adorable ruffle neckline!  Love this pattern!!!!  Next time,  I'm making the dress length and I'll have to pick up some boots for this girl.

Until then.....