Perri Pullover by Cali Faye

Fall is in the air, and for women that means layers and comfy clothes to walk through the leaves, pick apples, and chase after screaming toddlers who are constantly running away (oh wait, maybe that is just me!).  

The Perri Pullover from Cali Faye brings comfort and style to a whole new level - no more stealing your second half's oversized sweatshirt, this one is all for you!

Here are Trisha and Alexis to show it off......


Hey everyone! I'm here today to talk about the Perri Pullover from the Cali Faye Collection. Big and oversized is very much in style, so I was excited to try it out. I ended up making two of them for this review, as I made a lot of mistakes with the first one.

 First off, it is a very loose fitting shirt. She does mention in the pattern to size down if you are between sizes and you should really pay attention to that! My chest was a small, my waist a medium, and my hips a large. My first one I did a medium top and graded out to a large bottom. I wanted to make sure it wouldn't be too small for my child bearing hips. It definitely wasn't too small and was almost falling off my shoulders it was so big. The second one I did a small top and graded out to a med and it was a thousand times better! Really pay attention to that sizing chart and don't be afraid to go with your smallest measurements. Oversized is one thing, but wearing a sack is something completely different!
 My second mistake was my fabric. I thought it would be great to make this in a sweatshirt fleece, even though the fabric suggestions recommend light to medium weight knit. The sweatshirt fleece was just too thick and didn't drape well. It's still something I'll wear around the house when it's cold outside as it is super comfortable, but it's not something I'd wear outside of the house unless I want to end up on People of Walmart.
 I have to say though, the second one I made that fits correctly, and is made from a nice lightweight sweater knit, is one of my favorite shirts! It drapes incredibly, and is so comfortable. It's nice and long which is hard for me to find because I'm almost 6 feet tall. I did lengthen the second one 2 inches following the instructions provided because I went with the smaller size. I wanted to make sure it wasn't too short. I think it turned out plenty long enough. I also omitted the pockets on my second pair, as pockets and my hips do not get along.  I love pockets, but that extra fabric there is just not flattering on me.
 Now, about the pattern. It features:

  • Illustrations for each step
  • Fabric, sizing, and finished length charts
  • Glossary of terms used in the pattern
  • Sizes XS-XL 
  • Instructions for how to lengthen or shorten the pattern
It is listed as an advanced beginner or intermediate pattern and I would agree with that.  I think someone who has sewn several shirts and knows how to do neck bindings and bands could easily sew this, but a beginner might struggle a bit.
I love the fact that I feel like I'm in my husband's t-shirt, but I look much more put together and stylish than that!  


Hello Pattern Revolution World I am Alexis from My Sweet Sunshine. I am thrilled to share with you the Perri Pullover from Cali Faye Collection. I have been searching in stores recently looking for a slouchy longer fitting sweater for the up coming winter months. Or should I say the winter days we get here in sunny California. I found several that I liked but did not care for the price tag. Boo!!! So when the review for the Perri Pullover came up I jumped on it.
Ok Ladies grab a cup of coffee or cupcake (yummy) and lets first go over the details:
*Sizes: XS-XL (0/2-16)
*Light weight to medium knit fabric
*Longer Slouchy Fit
*Longer in the back
*Pockets (my favorite part)
*A-line style
*Size Chart
The Perri Pullover Pattern is easy to print out and assemble together. I loved the grid markers to assure exact placement, especially on those late sewing nights! It took about 1.5 hrs from start to finish and I would recommend this pattern to a Confident Beginner or to an Advanced seamstress. You should have an understanding of knits and how to sew with them.
I made only one change in regards to the assembly of the neckband. I trimmed off 1", folded it in half and then sewed on using a 1/2" seam allowance (as per instructions). This was just a personal preference but otherwise I stuck with the instructions.
It was so nice to have a picture of my Son and I (his sister hogs all the camera time)
For my Perri Pullover I choose a medium weight Ponte Knit in a burnt orange that I purchased last year from Joann. I would recommend stay with a lighter weight knit for proper hang. My measurements fit best for the XS however, after making it I found it to be a bit too roomy and long. Luckly the instructions show you how to lengthen or shorten the Perri to fit best! I have already cut out my next Perri and will shorten it about 1"-2". My suggestion when picking what size is best think about choosing a size smaller, because remember this top fits roomy! Like I mention above the pockets were my favorite part! I have been adding pockets to everything lately. I love to keep my hands warm and toasty in the winter months (or days)!!! I can see making several more in different knits like a lightweight Waffle Knit and French Terry Knit in my future!
The Perri Pullover is a trendy loungy pullover that can transition with your wardrobe from the late summer months into winter.
Hello Fall!
Thank you Pattern Revolution and Cali Faye for letting me review the Perri Pullover!