Emory Dress by Izzy & Ivy Designs

Goooooooooooood mornin', good mo-o-or-nin'!  As school around the US is in full swing, and the scent of fall is in the air, we're continuing to take a look at great patterns to transition into fall or wear to school.  And today you can win 2 patterns of your choice from Izzy & Ivy!!!!!

Today we get the chance to check out the Emory Dress by Izzy & Ivy.  Our girls pulled out all the stops, showing you how to easily layer this pattern for fall, and how easily it can be transitioned to a tunic.  Check out Rebecca and Serena's amazing creations and read all the details about the pattern.


I had the pleasure of reviewing The Emory from Izzy and Ivy Designs. I was super excited about this one because up until this point I have never sewn anything from this particular designer. And we are over the moon for this dress!!!

Not only did I love this dress, my littlest little loved it....as we were walking down the street scouting out where to take pictures, we had several cars stop and tell her how cute she was and how much they loved her dress....this girl right here is THE BEST walking advertisement EVEH!!!! She rocks everything she wears and boy...the attitude on this girl is something else!!!!

One of the reasons I loved this pattern was because of the huge size range!!! It's not only great for those of us who sell what we make....but even for those mamas (and maybe there are a few daddies out there too) that just sew for their littles..... a large size range means you get more for your money!!! The size range on this pattern is 2-14!!! Holy moley! She will be able to wear this pattern for a few more years!!! 

In addition to the vast size range, there are so many cute details you can add to this pattern! And who doesn't love these pockets!!! We sure did!!! Pockets are such a plus for us! This little always has something that needs to be put in a pocket...and instead of me walking around with that shiny rock, barbie shoe, half piece of gum, headband, or whatever else she needs to be held...she can stick it in her own pocket!!!

I added a touch of lace at the bottom to give this little dress a shabby chic look. The instructions tell you how to do it. You don't like lace? That's cool....you can add rick rack or basically anything else you would like to it to make it your own! You can also add lace or buttons or any other frilly add-ons to the bodice. I left this bodice plain but I think our next one will be over the top!!!

The back of the bodice has a two button closure. I'm really loving the buttons my little picked out...of course she takes after her mama and has great taste.....at least I think so (hee hee). The bodice has a great fit! This is probably one of the best bodices that I have sewn as far as coverage goes. The size leaves a bit of room in case you want to layer it like we did, but it also doesn't gap at the sides so there are no baby boobies sticking out. My little tends to be a bit on the modest side and is always concerned when her dresses or shirts gap. 

We love the cap style sleeves. This dress will also work for her at school in the warmer months. They are not allowed to have exposed shoulders so the fact that this dress (when worn with nothing underneath) covers their shoulders but still gives off that summer dress feel is a bonus! So versatile....this little number can literally be worn year round!

The instructions in this pattern are very well written and overall easy to follow. This is also a great pattern for the confident beginner on up to an experienced sewist!  I have to say that I have never created a bodice the way that the instructions called for this one to be made so it did take me a few minutes for the fog to clear from my mommy brain and after reading the instructions a few times it clicked. I do feel that the way the instructions called for this bodice to be made gave the garment a very professional and nicely finished end product.

Since the only pattern pieces for this pattern are for the bodice and pockets, there was very minimal cutting and taping! So yay for that! I mean I love to sew.....but who likes to cut and tape pattern pieces together!!! Not me...that's for sure!!! Throughout the instructions there are helpful pictures and tips to guide you to make what is sure to be one of your favorite dresses!!! There is also a size chart with measurements to make sure you get the best fit for your little and a fabric requirements chart so you know how much of that precious fabric you are going to need.

We love this dress! I am so glad that I had the opportunity to try out a new to me designer! Everything about the dress I created SCREAMS my daughter! It's fun and flirty and sassy. You can use lots of different prints for it or just one. Add little details to make it over the top or leave it plain! This dress really is a blank slate and you can really let your imagination flow! This is a great pattern and I hope that you will love it as much as my little and I!!! Even my biggest little asked if it came in her size....sadly she wears adult clothing now but if she likes it then IT IS a winner!!!
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Hello again, it's Serena from Serena Garcia Photography! I keep telling myself to stop selfishly sewing for my little cutie and open up a shop but everything I sew up I fall in love and could never part with it! This is definitely on that long list of items I could never part with! This is originally the 'Emory Dress' by Izzy & Ivy Designs. I'm planning on my daughter's fall wardrobe and here in Texas it's HOT most of the year so a fun piece that can flow between the seasons is where I like to start planning. One day it may be 52° but the very next day may be up to 89°, the saying here in Texas is,"if you don't like the weather just wait five minutes".


This is originally a dress but I modified it slightly to make it into a top that could float between a warm fall day to a cold fall night. I measured my daughter from the bottom of the bodice down to a few inches below her waist to get the dimension of the modified skirt piece. You could even make this into a tunic and it would last longer in the closet. Also a fun little side note, I made this 3t top with less than $10 worth of 'Quilt Shop Pricey Fabric'...I bet if I used fabric from my ever growing stash under my desk it would have been almost nothing.

First off, how fun is this fabric I found? Bicycle prints are all the rage now, run fast to your local quilting shop and stock up because they're becoming harder to find! The fabulous bike print is 'Bon Voyage Noir', the pink print is 'Les Points Rose', and the blue floral print is 'Joie De Vivre Beryl'; all fabrics are from Frances Newcombe's Cherie line.


I love all the precious little details this pattern has, the tie pockets, the button back, the fold over hem at the bottom, and even the sweet little gathered arms. Everything about this dress is pretty straightforward but all the simple details make this seem so much more custom. My daughter is a sucker for a pocket and she couldn't keep her hands out of them.


Pattern Details: - Sizing goes from 2t to 14 - 2 1" buttons, optional trim, fabric & thread - Sizing chart, you could do a 2t chest with a 4t length (for instance) - Yardage Chart - Pattern is full of detailed photos - Tips & Tricks of the trade - Less than 15 steps to completion, took a long 2hr nap - Inspiration page for ideas to add optional


I am pretty happy with the overall fit of the top, the length is spot on and the chest width fits great too. My daughter is in-between a 2t and 3t as of lately so I've been sewing a 3t and they are fitting great with RTW.

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