Plum Princess Gloves Pattern by Zuzzy Patterns

There's just something about playing dress up and changing clothes that can turn any girl into a little diva, if only for the afternoon. Dresses, shoes, and accessories, all perfectly matched (in their eyes, anyway!) to create an epic ensemble that would be the hit of any event. They see nothing wrong with capes and tiaras for running to Target or the post office. If you're like me, you pick which of those wardrobe battles to fight and just ignore the stares. After all, you're only young once, right? Here's Nicole to review the Plum Princess Gloves and Purse pattern from Zuzzy Patterns.

It's Nicole, from Once Upon A Princess, showing you today how to dress your little ones' imaginations.  

I am that mom who loves all things that are creative and let my girls' imaginations come to life in role playing. I think I have made them nearly every princess dress and the Zuzzy Plum Princess gloves are a perfect match to make in every shade of the rainbow.

I was so excited when I was asked to do the Plum Princess pattern because it allowed my girls to get involved in the design process and made them feel a little more special and excited when the gloves were all finished.

Details about Plum Princess:

  • Sizes: XS-Large {Ages 1-8) shh.... I totally fit in the large size!
  • 30% Knit stretch
  • Fabric yardage 1/4-1/2 yard
  • A handy guide on how to properly measure your child's hand to correspond with the pattern size 
  • Comes with 2 glove lengths {short and long}
  • Seam allowances are not included
  • Marking pen is a key for tracing the glove shape to the fabric
  • Beginner level

These gloves take under 10 minutes to sew up! They are a fast project to complete and great last minute gifts for birthday parties, school events, etc... The longest part was turning them.

Plum Princess is a very detailed pdf filled with lots of step by step directions and tons of photos. She gives lots of helpful tips along the way for marking the gloves. She also gives 2 different hemming techniques for finishing off the gloves for a professional finish.

There is also a cute BONUS!! A purse pattern that shows many different cute ways to embellish your bag, different strap options, and also shows how to do a two-toned bag.

My girls are in LOVE with these gloves and I'm sure yours will love them as well.  I hope you enjoyed a look at dressing your child's imagination and have enjoyed my take on the Plum Princess.

Plum Princess Gloves Pattern by Zuzzy Patterns- Pattern Revolution

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