Cecille Dress and Top by Lilygiggle

So many awesome patterns are coming this Friday in the Girl's Bundle UP, but this one, the Cecille by Lilygiggle is so versatile. It's truly like getting several pattern in the same PDF because there are so many combinations you can make from the pattern options and variations! Here are Carrie and Raedene to show you two different takes on this pattern. 

Carrie here, from Beri Bee Designs, and I’m SO excited to be sharing my thoughts on the Lilygiggle Cecille Top & Dress that is part of this upcoming Bundle sale. 

A few details first:

  • available in sizes 2-12
  • allows for printing only the size you need to use (HUGE PLUS!!)
  • 3 different sleeve lengths
  • flounce or gathered skirt at tunic or dress length
  • round neck or optional cowl
  • size chart plus finished measurements

I love being able to have so many options in a pattern, I mean who doesn't love getting more bang for your buck right?? You could make this in so many combinations that people might not realize it was even the same pattern.

I chose to make the 2-layer peplum tunic, with 3⁄4 length sleeves and a cowl neck. I really loved the look of all one fabric for the tunic but decided on a solid for the sleeve cuffs just to add a bit of contrast. 

Speaking of the sleeves, how sweet is this bishop style? It was nice to have a little change from our normal sleeves. I was a little worried it would make it too dressy looking but in the end, it was just the perfect mix of casual and fancy that will be something she can wear on a regular basis.

The pattern for the tunic length doesn't have you hem the flounces but I decided to do a simple rolled hem on the edge that gave it just a little lettuced ruffling along the edge. 

The optional cowl neck was such as simple change to the pattern, and I’m so glad I switched it. Like the sleeves, it’s nice to have something that stands out a little different from the rest of her closet.

This was such a quick (and easy) sew too, which is important in the lives of busy moms (and grandmas). One of my most important criteria is that I can have a pattern cut and sew in less than 2 hours (faster is always better) and this didn't disappoint. The directions were clear and easy to follow. 

Overall, a fabulous pattern and with the Bundle sale an amazing value!! Hope you enjoy as much as we did!! Happy Sewing!

Love KNIT tops and dresses? LOVE upcycles? LOVE dress/top patterns? Love Lilygiggle? Well, wait until you see what she has created for the next pattern! Meet Cecille, the newest member of the Lilygiggle Collection. When I saw this one with its drop waist length for the bodice I knew I had to have it. My brain went wild with all of the options in this creative pattern!

My immediate thoughts were all the upcycle options. Not to mention, that all the knit panels I have managed to collect over the past year, would work ideally with the length of the bodice without having to compromise any of the print! I chose to create the top version with the short sleeves and double peplums. I wanted something that would carry from cold through the spring.

I have been hoarding this mermaid knit panel for sometime. And anyone who knows me can attest to my obsession with mermaids. I thought I would create something fun and bright for my biggest mermaid. The sleeves, cuffs, neck binding, and peplums allow for an abundance of color and creativity. So wild I went! I mean when you're SIX you can get away with it ALL!

I made a size seven as my girl is between a six and seven so it is a little big on her....Room to GROW is my MOTTO! This is the short sleeve version but they fit her more like 3/4 length. I think since she needs the 7 for her torso and belly, yet she is still petite in other areas. I would cut them a little shorter next time. The gathered sleeves into those delicious cuffs may be my favorite part of the whole top. A little button detail justthrows it over the top! Stunning!

The double peplum is so flirty and fun. My girl must wear a skirt over leggings with a top daily. She CANNOT leave the home without the skirt. These peplums allow her to have her skirt part while coordinating with the rest of the top. A success for me! And a happy mermaid for her!

Now since knit does not fray, you could leave the peplums raw but I chose to serge them as I wanted a fun casual look. Another option is to roll hem the edges. This pattern has many options you could make it over and over and no two creations would be similar! I made this top in an hour cut to finish. So fast and an easy sew since the directions are so precise.

  • wide size range 2-­12
  • size chart
  • finished garment measurements chart
  • directions for a custom fit
  • fabric requirements chart
  • 4 versions: dress with cowl, dress with round neck, top with flounce and
  • or top with flounce and round neck.
  • 3 sleeve lengths
  •  directions to print one size at a time
  • quick sew guide steps with lots of clear photos
  • knit sewing tips with specific photos
  • pattern on fabric layout guide

Beth, the brain behind Lilygiggle Patterns, is a great teacher and has lots of tips for sewing with knit. She was the first designer I ever tried when getting into knits and I was super scared. She is very approachable and always willing to help! If you are new to KNITS this is a great place to start!

Get yourself this awesome pattern and make tops and dresses in so many variations you can imagine! If you are knew to KNIT all Lilygiggle patterns are the perfect place to begin. You will learn so much while you make amazing creations!

Cuff Tutorial

Since I needed some darling leggings to go with this sweet peplum top I knew I had to make some Petunia Petals by Lilygiggle also. BUT I remembered I had a pair that were outgrown so I decided to cuff off the petals and add new coordinating cuffs and voila more life in them!

Beth has a tutorial on her BLOG to add cuffs to her Petals Pattern here. BUT since mine were already in sewn in the round I had to figure out the circumference to cut my cuffs to fit. Here is what I did:

1.Cut off the petals.

2. Measure the length of current store bought leggings to determine the length I needed to add to the outgrown ones.

3. Measured the circumference of the leggings.

4.Cut fabric the length and width needed. I wanted cuffs to be 4" so I cut the fabric 10"(circumference) by 8" (will be folded to 4") and did this for each leg.

5. Then I sewed the fabric in half at the seam and folded in half and clipped to the bottom of the existing leggings.

6. Sew this cuff to the pants. I use a serger. Flip down and topstitch if desired.

7. Add a cute little button for a POP of color on the crease line and VOILA your outgrown petals have more life in them!