Girl's Wideleg Pants by Jocole

Every bundle needs some pants, and since there are so many amazing leggings already on the market, Jocole went a completely different direction and is bringing you the most adorable and awesome Wide Leg Pants!  These will be available in the BundleUP! sale starting Friday.


Hey guys!  I’m excited to talk to you today about the Jocole wideleg pants!  I’ve been eyeing these in the adult version for a long time because they look so comfortable and just plain awesome.  I knew my daughter would love them in her size, as she always picks her knit pants to wear to school.  I’m pleased to say they were a huge success.  

I made these from a french terry knit in her favorite color, pink.  She was not feeling well the first day I tried to take pictures and she asked if she could stay in them all day because they were so comfortable.  Guess that means they were a win!

Let’s talk a little bit about the pattern.


  • Yoga style knit waistband with a skinny, regular, or fold over option

  • Size nb-14 and doll size

  • Can be made with lightweight woven fabrics or knits, with a knit waistband

  • 3 different lengths are included: shorts, capri, and full length

  • Inseam pockets, or patch pockets option

  • Instructions for how to get the perfect fit

  • Sewing term glossary

  • Illustrated step by step instructions

  • Quick guide, for those who don’t need step by step pictures

These pants go together super fast.  I was able to sew them up during naptime.  The pockets take the longest, but even with those, it’s a quick sew.  

Speaking of pockets, my daughter was so excited to have pockets in these.  I asked her if she wanted them and her answer was a resounding YES!!  

I love that you can dress them up or down.  They can be casual comfy pants made with knit or fleece, or you can dress them up with a linen or denim, or lightweight corduroy.  These really are a great staple to have in your pattern collection.

Psst!!!  They work great paired with the LilyGiggle Cecille top that is also in the bundle!

Hi Jeanine here! I work for Scientific Seamstress/Sisboom Patterns. and am so excited to share a review of one of the great patterns (not ours) in the Bundle Up Girls sale!

Meet the Jocole Wide Leg Pants for GIRLS!!! (paired with the Winter Wear Designs Phresh Blazer which is also in the bundle)

These fab pants start in doll size and go all the way up to a girls 14! Don't you just love having all the sizes in one pattern? I know I appreciate it!

These pants have many options to them - varying lengths so you can get shorts, capri’s or pants, inseam or patch pockets, use knit or woven for the main pant

The directions are easy to follow and read through and they have a mix of dashed and dotted lines on the pattern pieces so you can follow your size line easily for those of us with black/grayscale only printing.

These pants sew up really quick too, I cut them in the evening and then sewed them up in an hour while I let the kids watch morning cartoons! I love when a pattern is easy enough I can get it done during cartoons while the kids are awake! Don’t worry, it was an educational cartoon ;) So I don’t lose tooooooo many mom points - right?? haha.  

The comfy knit yoga waistband meant my toddler kept them on all day as well, which is a BIG deal!!! Keeping them on all day means she was able to get them on and off by herself when using the potty, which is a must because she insists she is a BIG girl and must do everything herself these days!