Fun Tee by Sew By Pattern Pieces

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Hello! Leonie here, to talk to you about the Fun Tee from Sew by Pattern Pieces…. I have been looking for a tee pattern in this style for ages! Needless to say, I jumped on the opportunity to review this one!!

I have never sewed with a Sew by Pattern Pieces pattern before, so I was delighted with how comprehensive it is… and so neatly presented {keeps my OCD happy}. There is fantastic information and tips on multi-sizing pattern pieces and an extremely comprehensive section dedicated to sewing with knits.

As I have mentioned in previous reviews, I love it when designers take the time to have measurement charts in both metric and imperial, it makes it so much easier for those of us used to working one particular system or the other. The charts are very comprehensive, particularly the finished garment measurement chart, there is a measurement for every conceivable portion of the final product!

The materials list is pretty cool, though it did take me a while to find given its uniqueness… it has a picture of each option style with a list of the all the requirements.

The instructions are a little more wordy than I personally like, but I ordinarily sew by pictures, so that happens and I’m sure there will be plenty of you that appreciate it. The pictures are on the sparse side, but very clear as they are computer generated line drawings. There are a number of links leading to further information, if you use the tutorial electronically and have access to the web while doing so.

If you like inspiration photos, there aren’t any… but sometimes it's refreshing going into a project without too many preconceived ideas. Though, there is this really cool section on adding a neckline twill tape to give your tee a really snazzy finish!

So the design… I made the gathered short sleeve option, which is girly, but still “practical” enough for my little love. I really like that I will be able to use the regular sleeve options for my son also {I was going to do up a boyish version also, but didn’t quite get there!}.

I really think this is a pattern I will get a lot more use from, I hope you enjoy it too.

Raedene's Version

Sarah's Version