Petit Oiseau by Filles A Maman

Hi, I'm Erica from Lollipops & Paisley. Today, I have the pleasure of sharing my first (GASP!) Filles a Maman pattern, the Petit Oiseau. Now, I’ve bought several of hers, but I haven’t yet had the free time to sew them up! Now I really want that free time to sew them for my girl! This dolman style top with asymmetric contrast is sized 12mo to girls 14. It features 4 different views, two long-sleeved and two short-sleeved, with or without the flounce.

This pattern doesn’t have many supplies, just fabric and thread and whatever you’re using to cut those. A twin needles is optional, and I didn’t use mine. For fabrics, she suggests you use cotton 95%/lycra 5% (or spandex 5% ), interlock, jersey knit or stretch velvet with at least 30% stretch with a good recovery. I mixed a 100% cotton interlock Ooga Booga with a solid cotton/lycra. As for the pattern pieces, I LOVE the no trim pages! I also love the layered printing (print only one page at a time) or that FAM also included a chart to tell you which pages to print for each size if you want to include all the smaller sizes with your view. This made printing and taping easy (once I found my tape…).

This pattern includes directions and line drawing instructions that just about anyone can follow. I rate this an adventurous beginner because it is with stretchy fabrics but a fairly simple sew. Now, don’t let that mean experienced sewists can kick back and not pay attention. You see what happens when you don’t pay attention? You end up like me and your contrast arm is reversed from the pattern instructions. Oops! But it still worked, so I went with it. I also ran out of fabric and couldn’t cut another front piece.  

My daughter loves the dolman style of this top. All my kids love the Ooga Booga knit, so I love finding patterns like these that don’t call for more stretch than interlock provides. My girl chose the option without the flounce because I pretty much have to force her to wear ruffles now, but I’m glad there was an option she loved! I will be making time to sew more of those Filles a Maman patterns from my files! Thank you for reading and happy sewing!

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