Simple Life Ruby A-line Top and Dress

Today we have a fun and versatile pattern to share: Ruby's A-line Dress and Top from Simple Life Pattern Co.  Check out Leonie's review of the dress and Rachel's pictures of the top to find out all about it! 


Hello! Leonie here, to chat to you about the new Ruby A­line Top and Dress from Simple LifePattern Company.... I really like the contemporary designs produced by Simple Life Pattern Company, so I was keen to jump on board with reviewing their latest round of releases. 

First  tip...  READ  the  ‘Tips  &  Notes’  section,  especially  the  point  about  the autorotate/autoportrait! I automatically unclicked the autoroate box when I printed my pattern pieces  (I  have  had  trouble  previously  with  patterns  not  printing  properly)...  big,  big,  BIG mistake!  The  bodice  piece  is  landscape,  while  the  rest  in  portrait,  and  despite  having  an inkling that things didn’t look right, I surged ahead and made a bodice that cost me hours! 

Just for your smug viewing pleasure:

So most of the pattern pieces you will require are templated, but there are a few rectangular pieces that are cut from a measurement table. Measurements are imperial only, so get out your conversion devices metric people!

The sizing chart only provides a chest and waist measurement, and my daughter measured for  a  size  6  according  to  those,  which  aligns  with  the  sizing  of  the  vast  majority  of  her wardrobe. I found the finished product to be a little longer than ideal, which I possibly could have avoided had I consulted the ‘Finished Length’ chart more closely ­ though that seems like a bit of a rigmarole  to work out which  size I  should have been  sewing and whether  I needed to make adjustments. Overall, it's not really a huge issue, she will get taller and I will be grateful for the extra length.

The  step­by­step  instructions  are  well  written,  and  give  clear  instruction  as  to  which  step apply to which pattern option. For illustration, they are accompanied by photographs, with computer generated line overlays to highlight  stitchlines and  so forth {I was easily able to glance and sew}. I really love that construction process allows the finish on the final product to be so professional, I am huge on the inside being neat too.

There  are  several  links  and  instructions  for  hooking  into  online  support  groups,  where additional  inspirational  photos  can  be  found  and  a  wealth  of  knowledge  from  fellow seamstresses  can be garnered. If that is not  your thing, there are plenty of pattern option photos within the pattern. 

This  makes  up  a  lovely,  simple  dress  suitable  for  everyday  wear  and  I really  do  love  the square neckline, especially from the back. I think next time, I will try out the blouse option, I have been told “no more dresses Mummy, just make me pants!” LOL!


Rachel sewed up the top version and it is so cute with this full skirt!