Evaline Pintucks and Roses Knit Dress

Hey there!  I’m Chris and I’m so excited to be writing my first review for Pattern Revolution, of the new Evaline Pintucks and Roses Dress from FooFoo Threads.  

When Robin asked me if I’d be interested in writing a review, I jumped at the chance.  As I was considering my fabric choices, my nerdy numbers brain realized that it was exactly six months ago when I sewed my first real pdf dress for my daughter’s fourth birthday.  Ironically, It was FooFoo Threads’ Beloved Fairytale Ballerina Dress, and this Evaline made the perfect “half birthday” present!  

The Evaline Pintucks and Roses Dress pattern is designed for sizes 3-6 months to 11/12.  It features a lined knit bodice with raglan, elbow-length, ruched sleeves and a woven skirt with pintucks and ruffles.  I found the sizing to be perfect.  I chose the size 5 bodice and size 4 skirt based on my daughter’s measurements, and I love the fit.  Directions for altering sleeve length are included, so I chose to extend them to long sleeves.  Unfortunately, my daughter said she doesn’t like the feel of the elastic on her arms, so you might want to consider that if you have a child sensitive to that kind of thing.  (I’ve got a date with the seam ripper, later!)

The pattern is rated confident beginner to intermediate, but I imagine that an adventurous beginner wouldn’t have too much trouble.  In my opinion, one of the hardest parts of sewing with knits is perfecting the binding on the neck and arm holes but the lined bodice and sleeves in this pattern remove that problem.  There are also plenty of tips for choosing your fabrics, sewing with knits, and gathering your skirt and ruffles.  The directions include tons of details and pictures to thoroughly explain each step and it’s very easy to follow.  To be honest, some of the directions are a bit too “wall of text” for my impatient eyes, but many of the important things are bolded.  This makes it easy to find the most important information if you’re confident or in a hurry.

A tutorial for making handmade roses adds another special element to the dress.  Here’s a tip, though - if you’re going to make a broach, instead of sewing them directly to the dress, make sure you consider in which direction you want the roses to face before you sew on the backing and pin.  I didn’t, and had to choose between having them flop a little funky or face a direction I didn’t really like - and then I forgot to pin it back on the dress before pictures, anyway!!

All in all, I love this dress and will definitely make more!