Rachel Rabbit Toy Sewing Pattern by My Childhood Treasures

Hi! This is Kim from Kimmie Sew Crazy.  I am excited to share with you my daughters favorite new friend!  Her name is Rachel, and she is a rabbit!  Guess what...I made her.  I bet you could have guessed that since this is a sewing blog : )

Rachel is a PDF sewing pattern by My Childhood Treasures.  She is my very first handmade toy.  To be honest, I have purchased my daughter 5 of those cute handmade looking dolls from Pottery Barn. Haha silly me!!!  I have a sewing machine.  What was I thinking?  Well, while the PBK dolls are adorable and well worth the money, my little bunny is just as cute and means just little more because she is actually handmade. 

Ok enough with me, how about I get on with the pattern?  It was easy and fun.  There is a little hand embroidery needed but that is well explained.   An older child could handle this one!   The pink penguin dress shown is removable and comes with the pattern. Not only can you make a bunch of these dresse but My Childhood Treasures has multiple patterns to fit little Miss Rachel.  The mini clothing also fits those famous 18” dolls.  So double fun : ).  I think this is also a good base pattern that you could easily get creative with and make any animal with 4 legs, or a handmade baby : ).  That’s my plan anyway!  I am really hoping to try to create a racoon.  

(Skirt not included in pattern)

If you would like to create your very own Rachel, grab your pattern here

Did you notice Mila matches her new best friend?  Find your cute Penguin Fabric here.

Ok, and my husband says I should also plug him into this post.  Handmade bed in any color- find it here : )