Genevieve Dress by Violette Field Threads

Hi it’s Denita from HattieLu Handmade! Who’s ready for the holiday season? Are you counting the days to thanksgiving and holiday cheer?

I'm reviewing Violette Field Threads Genevieve. She's a gorgeous dress that can be dressed up or down for the perfect addition to your daughter's wardrobe. I was taken aback by the teaser photos and release photos. Genevieve looked stunning to me and versatile too!

There are so many options with Genevieve! You can choose a bubble skirt or gathered skirt, three-quarter sleeve or no sleeves or short sleeves, fancy special occasion fabric or everyday cotton...I couldn’t believe how changing just a few simple things could make the pattern completely different. Yes, I know things can be altered, but the difference is that this pattern tells you exactly how to make the changes. I didn’t need to think for myself, so to speak, because Genevieve covered all of the bases!.

I sewed a size 6, gathered skirt, and short sleeves. I chose turquoise satin for the bodice and skirt; silver sequin jersey knit for the overlay. This combination works well for a holiday themed dress. The pattern has the option of turning and hemming or rolled hem. Total confession, I’ve never done a rolled hem until Genevieve. Super easy after a couple of practice runs.

The directions are easy to follow. There are plenty of pictures of each step to help visual learners/seamstresses. It probably takes three hours to tape, cut, and sew. Just remember if you’re using an “unfamiliar” fabric slow down and take your time. Overall, I believe this pattern makes it really easy to have a good, quality finished product! Congratulations to Alexis! Genevieve is an excellent debut pattern!

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Ellen also shares her version of the Genevieve blow.  Love that purple and mustard combination!

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