Lisse Cowl and Hoodie by Terra's Treasures Designs

Hey everyone! It's Rebekah from Rebekah Sews. I know it's been a little bit, but I had to take a little time off for some fun family changes. Now that the move is complete and I have married the man of my dreams I am ready to resume some normalcy and review some more great patterns. Today's is no exception!

I had the pleasure of sewing up a little something for myself. Well actually two something's as I loved it so much I had to make two. This is the Lisse Cowl and Hoodie from Terra’s Treasures Designs. I learned a little geography with this pattern too. The top is named after a town in Holland named Lisse. This name was picked because the front of the hoodie looks like an upside down tulip. Didn't know I'd learn geography when I'm not even in school! So now that you have learned a little something new, let me tell you even more about this fun pattern. Coming in sizes XXS-3X, this pattern features an empire waist with a flattering tulip bottom with pleats. This is just perfect for all shapes and sizes and for hiding my “too much wedding cake” belly. LOL. Now, if you aren't a hoodie person, you can dress it up a little with a cowl. Another fun feature, and one the younger crowd will appreciate, is the two different cuffs. There is the standard cuff and the thumbhole cuff, which is perfect for those colder days too. This pattern is designed for knit fabrics. It took about 3-4hrs from printing to completion for me; although, my second one took about 2hrs. I would say this is an intermediate pattern as hemming those curves can prove a bit tricky.

Now for the fun part; I can tell you about mine! I made one for a sportier look and another for a dressier, yet comfy look. For both I made a medium bust and large everywhere else and used the small bust small torso cut line (did I mention there is a small bust cut line and a large bust cut line?). The cowl one is made from a thinner Lycra knit with gold rib knit cowl and cuffs. Now for both I didn't make drawstrings as my kiddos think they are great for choking mommy. I did make a little change to the cowl. I cut two cowls to essentially line my cowl. I love it like this and it works perfectly if using a thinner knit on the cowl. For my sportier look I bought an amazing French terry from Raspberry Creek Fabrics. She has some awesome fabrics with amazing customer service. This is so soft and warm! I added a fun look by keeping my raw serger hems on the hoodie (I did cut off the hem allowance) and on the tulip bottom (I didn't cut of the hem allowance which made it slightly longer). I then also put the seams for the thumbhole cuffs on the outside to complete the rougher look. It's perfect and goodness, you won't believe how comfy!

If you want a stylish hoodie or cowl that will not only stand out from the crowd but fit oh so perfectly, then this is the pattern for you. Even my mom wants one now too. Guess what she will be getting for Christmas?! So if you need one or want to sew up one for the holidays just hop on over to Terra’s Treasures Designs and pick it up. This is one purchase you won't regret!

Kara and Rachel also share their versions of the Lisse below.

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