Billie Party Dress by Ainslee Fox Boutique

It is a fact of life that little girls just get the cutest clothes options ever invented!!!  As further proof, I submit exhibit A: the Billie Party Dress from Ainslee Fox Boutique.  This adorable new pattern has a vintage flair and options for a button front or zipperd back closure.  And if you don't trust me on the cuteness.... well, just look at the pictures from Marnie and Leonie and the full review below.....


Hi it’s Marnie from Horris and Deedle (I will explain that name one day ­ perhaps) reviewing a pattern today from one of my most favourite ever pattern designers ­ it’s the newly released Billie Party Dress from Ainslee Fox Boutique Patterns. Designed by the fabulous Jen Kennedy, who I consider to be the absolute queen of party dresses, the Billie Dress is a unique dress that includes a lined bodice, a cute mandarin collar, a Queen Anne neckline and a short puff sleeve. It’s just adorable.


The Billie Party Dress comes with two different options ­ there is the zippered back version (please see Leonie’s pictures below) and the button front version, which is the version I sewed. The two options are set out in two separate tutorials, with the accompanying pattern pieces following their respective tutorials, making it clear and easy to follow without getting confused by options. It is sized from 1­-12, and in true Ainslee Fox fashion, I found sizing table and the finished garment measurements to be spot on with the dress that I made for my daughter. There are only seven pages to put together for each version, as the skirt is rectangles and these measurements are given in table form. The tutorial also includes valuable tips for working with piping and other trims, and is clear and easy to follow.

In Australia, Jen is well known for her beautiful finishes and flawless sewing, and this is reflected in her patterns. The Billie Party Dress is rated intermediate ­ and I agree with this rating. This is not a dress that is a fast sew, nor can it be rushed, but the end result is a beautiful party dress that has every single seam except the skirt side seams (unless you french seam them) hidden, making it beautifully neat on the inside. If you want to learn how to improve your sewing, and gain some new techniques for quality garment construction, this the dress for you. This pattern leaves you with a gorgeous party dress that will fill you with a sense of accomplishment and would make your grandmother proud if she was to examine all the seams and see how well you had put it all together. It will also make you a better seamstress as you learn some quality dressmaking techniques.

I expect big things of Ainslee Fox Boutique Patterns and this one hasn’t let me down. I love how unique it is and what a gorgeous dress it produces. And I learnt a few new things along the way. I highly highly recommend this pattern ­ it’s a favourable Aussie Dollar exchange rate at the moment for most other currencies and it is definitely one to add to your pattern collection. For more inspiration please see Leonie’s pictures below and don’t forget to join the Ainslee Fox Sewing Den group on facebook to see all the beautiful Billy dresses being sewn. Thanks for reading along,