Curvaceous Clutch by Toriska Bags and Crafts

Hello everyone!  Rebekah from Rebekah Sews here with something a little different today.  I know you usually see me creating items for my baby girl and occasionally sewing something up for myself.  Well today I stepped a little out of my comfort zone and created a stunning clutch!  I'm even impressed with myself on this one!

           Let me introduce you to Toriska Bags & Crafts.  This is a new to me designer that has several clutch patterns.  I made the Curvaceous Clutch which by the name you may guess features a curved style.  It comes in three sizes so that you can carry just the essentials or your huge Smartphone.  The tutorial is done wonderfully.  Her step by step instructions are very clear and feature illustrations.  If you are a more visual person however, there is a photo step by step guide towards the end of the pattern.  Included in the pattern is even list for where to find frames for the clutch with instructions for both sew in and glue in frames.  This pattern is for an advanced beginner.  It took me about an hour to sew however sewing on the frame, well that's another story!

             For my clutch I made the size medium.  For my outside fabric I found this wonderful velvet at my local thrift store and just fell in love with it.  It was a knit but worked great for this regardless.  My lining was a beautiful embroidered material I had previously found at a tag sale.  Now Toriska offers kits in her Etsy store and I was lucky enough to be given one for this review.  I must say when I make this again I will be sure to get the kit.  It comes with all the interfacing, foam, and frame needed for this.  The only thing you need to have is your exterior and interior fabric and thread of course.   It was sooo nice and convenient to not have to go out and get everything else.  The pattern was a breeze to sew with the prepping of the fabrics being the most time consuming.  That is until I got to sew on the frame.  Yes, if you choose the sew on frame you have to hand sew.  This took me about 1.5hrs to do as I was very meticulous to get it perfect.  This time did pay off though and I love the outcome.  This is now my fancy purse for those evenings I get to dress up and go out!

  I always judge a pattern on whether or not I would make it again.  Well the verdict...I would definitely make it again. It's stunning!  Although I'll try the glue in frame next time for time sake.  If you are ready to try a little something different check out the Curvaceous Clutch pattern in Toriska's shop.  Don't forget to check out the kits as well to make shopping that much easier!